5 Career Benefits of a Cisco Certified Professional

With the IT industry becoming fiercely competitive, it is crucial to be certified via corporate IT training courses if you want to rise up the career ladder. According to Impact of Training: Functional Excellence Leads to Operational Productivity, a survey by IDC, 66% managers believe that a Cisco certification improves the overall support and services offered to IT end users and customers. Also, 75% managers believe that Cisco certification can enhance team performance.

Cisco certified professionals are much sought after and enrolling in corporate leadership training programs that offer this certification can definitely give your career a boost, says iFuture Technologies, leading providers of corporate training courses.

If you are still wondering whether to enroll for Cisco certification, here are some perks to keep you motivated.

Better Work Opportunities

Every company wants the best employee for itself. With a Cisco certificate, you will not just gain the skills to handle multiple tasks like operating, installing or troubleshooting a Cisco network, you will be perceived as more capable. Cisco certification in any specialized field opens up huge career opportunities, with great salary packages.

A Salary Boost

With a Cisco certificate of any level, plenty of companies will be happy to grab you. An individual is more likely to be offered advanced positions or expert level work. This automatically means a higher salary package. With corporate IT training courses that offer such certification, you can expect your salary increases by at least 8%-13%.

Learning New Skills and Techniques

Cisco certification can help you learn many effective skills that are necessary for the rapidly evolving IT industry. You will also learn various applications and advanced techniques that will keep your skills relevant even in the future. An individual with a Cisco course under their belt can take up and handle complex responsibilities. Apart from this, tasks can be completed on time and you can stay well ahead of your colleagues. Lastly, with your skills, you can set positive examples for your co-workers.

Preferred by Employers

Cisco training improves productivity of employees to a great extent. A certification in a certain field proves that you are highly motivated to do your best and require no extra training. The company will have to invest minimally on you and yet get quality returns. You will have great troubleshooting and networking skills that put you ahead of the pack. According to research by IDC, if an organization has 50% certified members, its performance rises to above average.

Keeps You Up to Date

A Cisco certification will keep you well aware of all the technical advances in the IT industry. Along with this, you also learn networking, planning, implementation and multiple new technologies. Networking is a technology that is rapidly growing. With a certified course done, you validate your skills and remain updated on the latest in the industry.

If you want to invest in your career, choose a corporate leadership training program that offers you the right certification for your field of specialization.

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