5 Digital Gadgets That Pet Owners Will Love

Do you own a pet? Then you must take a look at all those exciting gadgets available to you out there in the market. Those gadgets are in a position to make the life easy for you and to keep you away from frustration in day to day life.

Below mentioned are 5 of the most useful gadgets for pet owners. Any pet owner must think about purchasing these gadgets because of the assistance that they can deliver in day to day life.

#1. CleverPet

People in today’s world have a lot of smart products at their disposal. Out of the smart products available for pet owners, CleverPet has received a lot of attention. CleverPet can simply be defined as a gaming console. This gaming console is not for human beings, but for dogs. To help your dog engage with the gaming console, it comes along with three different touchpads. They are sensitive to the paw touches of your dog.

The touchpad that you can find in CleverPet will light up interactively according to the way how your dog plays with it. Hence, your dog will love to spend his time along with the smart gadget. Most of the dog owners are looking for products that they can use to keep the dogs engaged mentally. CleverPet comes into play during such a situation. Your dog will have to hit on the pads according to a specific order. If the correct order is matched, your dog will be treated with food. This can be a mentally challenging experience for the dog, but he will love it.

#2. PetPal

PetPal can be considered as a smart project that turned out to be a reality through a crowd funding project. The functionality of PetPal is simple and easy to explain. It is an automatic pet feeder. If you are a pet owner, you are provided with the responsibility of feeding your pet on time. However, it will not be possible for you to feed the pet on time due to other commitments that you have. Due to this reason, you need to think about using an alternative method. That’s where PetPal comes into play.

PetPal gets connected to the Wi-Fi network at home. Therefore, you will be provided with the ability to take control over this pet feeder from any corner of the world. It also comes along with a built-in speaker, microphone, and a camera. Hence, you will be able to communicate with your dog while feeding him. The images delivered by the inbuilt camera are excellent and you will not have anything to complain about. It is a night vision camera as well. Therefore, you will love to use the PetPal automatic pet feeder to feed your pet on time.

#3. Tagg Pet Tracker

Do you find it as a difficult task to track the movements of your pet? Then you will have to think about spending your money to purchase Tagg Pet Tracker. Tagg Pet Tracker comes along with built-in GPS functionality. Therefore, you will be able to use it in order to figure out the exact location of the pet. You just need to attach the Tagg Pet Tracker to the collar of your pet.

There are instances where you will come across the need to restrict the movements of the pet to a given area. During such instances, Tagg Pet Tracker will be able to give a perfect assistance to you. There is an interactive map and you will be able to define your own boundaries in it along with the assistance of your mobile phone or tablet.

Inside Tagg Pet Tracker, you can find an accelerometer as well. Therefore, you will be able to track all the movements of your pet. The results delivered to you by this product are accurate and you don’t need to worry about its reliability.


PAWSE is not actually a smart product. However, it has got the ability to help a pet owner to eliminate hassle in an effective manner. The functionality of PAWSE is pretty much similar to removing the leash from your dog’s collar.  However, you will be able to keep a peace of mind because you have complete control over the dog.

PAWSE is a lightweight and a compact device. It can be considered as one of the most appealing products available out there in the market for you to purchase as a dog owner. You can make sure that your dog doesn’t suffer from the discomfort of having a leash. On the other hand, you are provided with the complete control. Even if another dog passes by and your dog gets into an aggressive mode, you will be able to control your dog with the assistance of PAWSE.

#5. Petcube

Pet owners must also be concerned about the security of their pets. That’s where Petcube comes into play. Petcube can be considered as an advanced security system that the pet owners can purchase. That’s because it comes along with a wireless camera, a comprehensive sound system, and a built-in laser light. Petcube also originated from a crowdfunding project.

With the help of Petcube, you will be able to keep the pets inside your visual region at all times. As a result, you will be provided with the opportunity to ensure their safety. However, Petcube is not just a security device. It has the ability to entertain your pet, while you are away from home or engaged in another activity. Due to this reason, Petcube has become a gadget that every pet owner must have.

Despite the gadgets, there is some fun stuff available for techies and pets lovers. If you are interested in getting exciting information about the amazing stuff of pet’s images on your outfits then visit Pets in Tech. They work with talented graphic artists to create art that both pet lovers and techies will love.

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