5 Reasons Why Watch Collectors Love Rolex

Let’s face the fact that men really love to have a Rolex watch. What man in his right mind wouldn’t, right? Rolex is more than just a famous crown logo. Rolex is simply one of the most recognized luxury watch brands. It is well established in a person’s mind that Rolex is a symbol of one’s social status.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people want to own their very own Rolex watch. It is a watch brand whose name is echoing beyond the limits of our industry. The brand Rolex is synonymous with luxury, and with high quality.

The brand Rolex was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis in 1902 and was formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis. In 1908, the brand name was changed into what we know today as Rolex.

Built With A Purpose

There’s no doubt that a Rolex watch is considered to be the original “tool watch.” Rolex watch collectors love the romantic idea that a lot of these classic models were made for a specific, and with a functional purpose, and not for the sole purpose of being a fashion statement, or decoration.

It All Comes Down to Details

Watch collectors love the variety of nuances in a Rolex watch such as the crown guards, different dials, bezels, and all the other features that make the watch different from other luxury watches. This is one reason that adds to the worth and the collectability of the watch.

Rolex watches hold a lot of unique features, this makes completing a single Rolex watch take about a year to complete, and sometimes longer than that. Almost every single component you can find in the watch is in-house made at Rolex manufacturing sites all around Switzerland.

Rolex Watches are Built to Last

Who here has a hand-me-down Rolex watch? Rolex watches are famous for being very durable. One example would be the Rolex Explorer. The movement was created with a special type of lubricant that would be able to hold out against high-altitude climbers who will undoubtedly encounter extreme temperature changes throughout the day.

A lot of watch enthusiasts know for a fact that the company uses a different type of steel that no other watch brand is using. These watch brands use a form of stainless steel called the 316L, while Rolex watches are made with a 904L type of stainless steel. The 904L type is more resistant to corrosion and rusting, which Rolex made sure to switch to in around 2003.

All Around Watch

As all watch enthusiasts know, you can’t wear a single watch for every occasion. But Rolex watches are known to be versatile in some ways that other luxury watch brands aren’t. You are able to change the entire look of a Rolex watch with a simple bracelet, or an Italian leather strap. It is all about the way it looks, right?

Price Does Not Depreciate

Vintage Rolexes have strong innate values in them, and their prices don’t depreciate, given if they are in good condition. Rolex watch collectors tend to get excited about owning an investment that you can wear, which Rolex has become. Rolex watches such as Submariner, Explorer, and Daytona are models that continue to grow in value.


If these reasons do not change your mind, we don’t know what will. How about we just let the watch speak for itself? We are sure that it will really change your mind. Rolex can be worn as a status symbol, or if you’re really fond of its durability and reliability as a timepiece because of its long history.



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