6 Creative Home Improvement Projects that Add Value to your House

You are incredibly excited now. You have been waiting for the moment for a long time. You have saved enough cash, hired a contractor, and already have a remodeling plan in mind.

What’s next? Getting down to work.

But there is a problem. You aren’t sure if the result will bring out what you wanted. Will the remodeling show the uniqueness of your house? Will you incur more expenses that you had not planned?

It seems that you will have to go back to the drawing board. This time, we have got you covered. But first, ensure that you have the right contractor that understands the essentials of successful home improvement.

Picking the right contractor is essential to ensure there are no surprises. BBB ratings, pricing, experience, license, reputation, insurance, and turnaround time are some of the things to look for when picking a suitable contractor.

For example, when it comes to cost, you don’t want a contractor with the highest price, neither do you want the lowest price, that is just too good to be true. It’s vital to work with a contractor that has competitive pricing. The cost depends on the materials and the amount of work by each contractor.

Calling the contractors to ask for quotes is one way to gather the pricing information. Alternatively, checking through online platforms also helps get quotes from different contractors. The www.priceyourjob.co.uk platform comes in handy for UK homeowners looking to compare quotes from different contractors across the country.

With no further ado, here are home improvement projects that can add value to your home:

#1. Swinging Furniture

The best way to relax after a tiresome day in the office or after running around with kids is to sit on a hanging egg chair and wander away as you read your favorite book.

But who said that you could only make a hanging egg chair? Remodeling requires that you open your mind and do the impossible on your quest for comfort.

You can go a step further and build a swing bed in your bedroom attached to the wall. This is perfect when you have a hard time falling asleep at night. One push gives you enough swinging that switch off your mind to slumberland.

Not only that, you can create a hanging sofa at your porch or a round-hanging bed from a tree at your backyard. Ideally, these are good ideas to create comfort by changing the use of common furniture by incorporating a new approach.

#2. Playing Around at the Fire Place

A fireplace signifies a lot in a home. It’s the place you get to hear stories from the olden days when grandpa visits and the decision-making boardroom at home.

So it’s a pretty good idea to give it attention when remodeling. There are many ways you can create something unique out of it, but the best way is to add a sense of modernity.

First, you can case it with clear glass, which automatically makes it stand out. It shows that a fireplace is not only about getting warmth but a place of gathering. The glass adds an authentic beauty that makes everybody want to stay there and gaze into the magnificent reflection of the fire.

If you have a fire pit outside the house, make it more welcoming by adding some DIY seats made of wood around it.

#3. Using Extra Space to Build a Home Office

Everyone’s dreaming of having a home office today. And remodeling is the best opportunity to get that extra space and turn it into a world-class professional office (if you can).

The popular method of making an office is to clear a closet. Some houses have huge closets with household items that are not important and are better off in the garage.

Clear the closet, remove the doors, and add some office items like an office desk, custom shelving, and a computer or desktop. Put a few decorations, and you’re good to go.

Or else, make use of the small space under your staircase. They are large enough to fit what a typical home office should contain. Meanwhile, there are people who also expand their functional living space to build screened porches. It is very cozy working on a natural daylight or relax while you are out of work. If you are interested, please check the updated cost of screened porches online.

#4. A New Face on the Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is not about jumping on the walls with a sledgehammer without a plan that would have bought a new astonishing appearance. Since the kitchen is the source of life for the family, looking for a way to add vibrancy is the perfect remodeling move.

Kitchen cabinets likely take up more space in your kitchen than anything else, making it the most visible part of the kitchen. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, you should consider ordering ready to assemble kitchen cabinets online. They are the latest and greatest kitchen trend!

#5. Shelving on Every Corner

The most boring place in a house is the corners. They are untouchable, and nothing good can come out of it. But you can change this myth if you have the right application.

Here’s the real deal. Corners are good shelving points if you look at it from a different angle. And they create functional shelves that take the beauty of the house to a whole new level.  They give you more storage space for your library of books, flower vases, or family pictures.

#6. A Storage Bed in the Attic

Transforming an unusable attic to a living space is one thing, and revamping it to add the value of your house is another thing. In the first scenario, you are only into making space, but the second scenario is about design.

A good idea of revamping the attic puts the two together. The best way is to build a multi-functioning bed. This is a bed with hidden storage at the base. The storage is a series of small drawers that can hold clothes, personal items, and books.

At the same time, this bed becomes the perfect place to stores your precious possessions like academic and professional certification.

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