Professional Presentation – 6 Things You Need To Know About Corporate Gift Giving

Everyone loves receiving gifts, no matter the reason or season. Giving gifts to your customers and clients is a great way to build lasting relationships and trust while encouraging positive word-of-mouth advertising.

While it can be a tad intimidating choosing the right corporate gifts, it’s more important that you know the etiquette associated with giving these presents. There are unspoken rules to follow to avoid offending the receiver. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of corporate gift giving.

  1. Make It Personal

This can be a two-fold recommendation. If you’re giving gifts to a large number of people, engrave your company’s name and/or logo on the item. Branded corporate gifts remind the receiver where the gift came from and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds for future reference.

Alternatively, if you’re only giving the gift to a few people, don’t hesitate to engrave the item with their names. This sends a message of appreciation and makes the receiver feel special.

  1. The Gift Is All About The Receiver

Many employers make the mistake of giving corporate gifts that reflect their taste rather than considering the receiver’s preferences. For example, if you’re giving Women’s Day gifts, be sure to choose something that caters to each woman’s tastes. Try to make it as personal as possible without crossing any lines.

  1. Remember: One Size Rarely Fits All

In some instances, it might be possible to give the same gift to all your customers. This depends on the type of industry, the gifts you’re giving, and the customer base you’re trying to target.

With that said, however, if you’re giving gifts to your most loyal customers and most valued clients, consider choosing individualized gifts that suit each person’s likes on a personal level. This will let them know that you put thought into the gift and truly value their loyalty.

  1. Stay Within Your Budget

We mentioned something about crossing a line earlier in this article. Expanding on that idea, you need to stay within your budget for gifting. While you may be tempted to be extravagant in your gift-giving, keep in mind that excessive gifting can feel like a bribe or harassment to some people. Setting a budget and sticking to it when giving corporate gifts can help you avoid this mistake.

  1. Give Corporate Gifts All Year Round

It’s certainly acceptable to give corporate gifts on holidays or to commemorate a birthday, but these gifts are predictable and often expected. To truly show your appreciation and gratitude for the work your staff does and the loyalty your customers show, you need to give gifts all year long. The surprise of receiving an unexpected gift will strengthen relationships and loyalty as well as promote you as a business that truly cares about its people.

  1. Be Aware Of The Law

In many industries, there are specific rules for gifting. In fact, it may not even be ethical to give or receive gifts in some industries. Even if your gift is given innocently, it can be interpreted as a bribe or other form of prohibited activity, so be sure that you know the laws surrounding corporate gifting in your industry and the recipient’s industry before going ahead.

There are many opportunities to give corporate gifts throughout the year. Be sure you take advantage of them to show your clients and employees how much you appreciate them. As you shop for these gifts, be sure to keep the above advice in mind to avoid inappropriate gifting.

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