7 Essentials You Should Pack for Your Business Trip

Business trips can be stressful at the best of times, that is for sure. Not only are you having to leave your home city and travel to a new location, but you also have the pressure of whatever corporate event is waiting for you on the other side.

Feeling nervous? You’re not alone; in 2018, there were 6.6 million business trips taken to the UK and 8 million taken from the UK. There are steps you can take to ensure that your business trip goes as smooth as possible, however, starting with the things you choose to pack. Here are 7 essentials you should pack for your business trip…

Business cards

Ensure you replenish your stock of business cards well in advance of your travel date. Whether you are going to a conference or a networking event, you never know who you might meet – and what they can offer you. Do not have any business cards? Now is the perfect time to get some.

Travel documents

Even if you are not one hundred percent sure that you will need them, it’s best to carry all travel documents with you. From airline reservations to hotel confirmations, keep all important forms and papers in a separate folder for convenience and peace of mind.

An umbrella

You should not risk going anywhere without an umbrella, especially if it is for a business matter. The last thing you want to do is turn up to a meeting or corporate event soaking wet because you decided to trust the weatherman. This is most important if your business trip is in England – trust us.

Your laptop and phone

You might think it is simply not possible to forget such important electrical devices when leaving for a business trip, but you would be surprised. Before you leave home, double check you have your laptop, phone, and the necessary charging cables. If your hotel is anything like Dorsett Hotel, City, you can expect complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the building to help you prepare for your corporate event.

Travel iron

You could spend hours ironing your clothes the moment before you pack, and yet creases can still occur. So, why not pack a travel iron amongst the rest of your belongings? If you do not have to use it after all, that is great! But it is better to prepare for the ‘what if’.

Sleeping mask

A good night’s sleep is crucial when away on business, so give yourself the best possible chance by packing a sleeping mask. This is most important if you are staying in a hotel or B&B that you have never frequented before, as you have no idea what the lighting situation will be like.

First aid kit

There is nothing quite like an injury to spoil your business trip. Really, you never know when you might need a plaster or a bandage, even if you are the most careful person on the planet. A basic first aid kit safely tucked away in your luggage should provide some peace of mind, leaving you nothing to worry about – except that big business meeting!

Steve Max
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