7 Home Essentials College Freshmen

First off, congrats on your admission into college! This is an important step and one that will help you define who you are and where you want to go in life. Part of defining who you are is developing your sense of style. That means more than picking your favorite t-shirt or style of pants. Your style also includes your space. Whether that is an apartment, dorm room, or house, this is the time to make your space yours!

As you start to acquire home essentials like dishes, pans, and some decorative items to add flare, remember that the sky’s the limit. Not sure where to start? Here are some recommendations for home essentials that will really help you start your college experience off right.


Depending on where you are living, you may need bedding items. If you live in an apartment, you may need to start by purchasing a mattress and linens. If you live in a dorm, you may want to purchase a sanitary mattress cover before adding your own linens. Next, choose your bedding set, including your sheets, a comforter, and pillowcases. Try different fabrics to see what is most comfortable, and choose patterns or styles that are inviting.

Cooking Essentials

Cooking essentials will also vary depending on your living situation. If you are in a dorm, ask your roommate if they already have items like a microwave or mini-fridge. It is difficult to have two of these items in one dorm. You should also check dorm regulations to know what appliances you are allowed to use.

If you are living in an apartment or house, you may need more cooking essentials, such as pots and pans, dishwashing equipment, and extra towels. If you are renting, you will most likely have access to basic appliances, but you may not have a coffee maker, toaster, or microwave.

As you start defining your style, don’t forget to choose a favorite mug. A coffee mug is something of a statement piece, but instead of wearing it on your body, you keep it in your kitchen. A stylish black pride coffee mug is an excellent way to style up your home essentials with a flare of your personality.


Apart from your computer and a reliable internet connection, you may need additional electronics to maximize your college success. Many people use an external monitor to serve as a second display. Don’t forget to get an HDMI cord to connect the monitor to your computer. Many college students bring gaming systems home, in dorms and apartments. Or, if music is more your thing, install some speakers so you can jam your favorite playlist while you relax.


There you go! When you arm yourself with these essentials, you have everything you need to start developing your style and living life your way. College is a great time to experiment and decide what sort of lifestyle you want.

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