7 Signs You Are Losing Too Much Weight

When you make sustained efforts to lose weight, you may feel that any drop on the scale is a real win. However, not all weight loss is always good for you. Sometimes, dropping pounds does not correspond to getting healthier or feeling better. When focused to celebrate every weight drop success, it could be easy to miss signs that you are losing too much. According to expert nutritionists, losing weight doesn’t always mean you are losing it in a healthy way. Here are exposed seven signs that lost too much weight:

1. You feel always tired

If you find yourself reaching for an extra cup of coffee to get through your afternoon or yawning in the middle of meetings, you might have lost too much weight. If you are on a strict calories restriction diet you might not getting enough nutrients and calories. The same effect can have taking for too long a supplement such as the forskolin for weight loss. This situation can lead to fatigue and weakness. You might feel that you get tired too much quickly. You might even lose your tolerance for going up stairs or other usual activities.

2. You feel you lack energy for your daily tasks

Feeling a lack of energy for daily tasks is another sign that you are losing too much weight. Your routine activities such as baseline workouts or household tasks are tiring you too quickly. You may experience feeling fatigued if you are trying to lose more than two pounds a week. You are not getting enough calories if you feel weak, lightheaded, and dizzy all the time.

3. You feel in a bad mood

You might feel angry, irritable, or depressed when you are losing too much weight. In order to keep your mood normal, your brain needs to make neurotransmitters from the right building blocks. The production of neurotransmitters can be stimulated by foods high in amino acids. Neural degeneration can be slowed down by certain nutrients. Amino acids and other neurotransmitters are made of the right nutrients. Your brain is not functioning properly when you are not getting those nutrients.

4. Your face looks gaunt

You may have lost too much weight if your face looks drawn or gaunt. You need to also add muscles while losing weight. But most of the people lose weight too fast. In this case their body devours muscle and they lose water, leaving them with a gaunt face.

5. You’re flabby

Achieving a lower number on the scale does not always mean a toned, leaned body. You may look flabby due to a quick loss of muscle. In case that they lose weight too fast, overweight and thin people alike can be flabby.

6. You are losing too much hair

You may also lose a lot of water if you’ve lost too much weight. This can lead to rapid hair loss. Hair is made of a protein called keratin. For this reason, especially diets without enough protein intake can cause hair loss. A loss of hair can also be caused by a deficiency of niacin, zinc, iron, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

7. You feel cold

If you feel cold almost all the time, this may be a sign that your metabolism slowed down due to loosing too much weight.

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