A Look at Some of the Juvenile Crimes

There are many juvenile crimes, but most people aren’t aware of the exactness and the regulations and policies that follow with it. Some of the commonly occurring juvenile crimes are:

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are a part of the juvenile system as juveniles can make terrible decisions that tend to affect others. The charges that one can file against a minor include molestation, sexual harassment, and rape among others.

Fraud and Theft Related Offense

Theft and fraud-related offenses can be either a felony or a misdemeanor. The court can charge the guilty juveniles and punishments can include fines, detention, a probation period, and boot camps. Depending on the brutality of the crime, the offender can also get combined penalties.

Assault and Sexual Battery

Juvenile assault is an attempt to cause physical harm to the opposite person, whereas juvenile sexual battery involves any unsolicited contact. A typical battery comprises harm on either an individual or on another person’s property.

Crimes Related to Weapons

Offenses related to juveniles include illegal possession of firearms, concealing a weapon, brandishing a gun, and discharging a firearm or a weapon. Moreover, if the child is on the school premises, the consequences can be severe. He or she can face a higher sentence due to the severity of the situation as there a lot of lives at stake. Experienced bondsman such as Castle Bail Bonds Akron Ohio, can aid in obtaining bail for the crime.

Medicine Possession and Distribution

This is a grave crime, and if you ever notice a case of such kind, you have to inform the police immediately. Medical possessions lead children to a worse path. Most of such situations can occur due to peer pressure. Also, nowadays, there are a lot of cases where adults misuse kids for the sole purpose of distributing medicines for illicit uses. If a child is caught with medication in his or her backpack, vehicle, without a prescription and due reasons, he or she can face severe consequences. The juvenile medication sale situations occur in or nearby rehabilitation centers where rehab patients seek illegal drugs.

Computer Crimes

The number of cyber crimes is tremendously increasing, and unfortunately, children and teenagers are the primary victims falling prey to such wrong tasks. The increasing incidence rates of computer crimes, including stealing and hacking, have pushed regulatory authorities in major countries to examine and execute policies and laws stricter than before. Punishments that teenagers can face for this crime include fines, probation, and incarceration.


Vandalism is causing damage to another person’s property. Juvenile vandalism comprises of several ways children can detriment a property. The degree of destruction is the crucial point in vandalism related juvenile offenses. Prosecutors should classify the crime as either a felony or a misdemeanor, but the consequences are severe.

Apart from the above, other crimes include truancy, running away, abusing town ordinance curfews, and others. If you hire a renowned law attorney, you are sure to protect the rights of your child, and not lead to any unfair sentences.

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