How to be More Accurate in Throwing Darts

Everyone wants to be a good darts player. But to be good, you need to be more accurate at throwing darts. You can’t just throw the dart randomly at the dartboard and expect it to strike where you want it to go. There are lots factors in the way you throw the dart which contributes to how accurate your throw will be. You need to consider your stance, the way you’re holding the dart, the position of your arm, and the strength of your throw. If you don’t perfect all these things, then you won’t achieve the accuracy that you strive for.

Choose High-Quality Darts and Dartboard

Before we get into the right way to throw a dart, you must first make sure you are using high-quality darts. This will ensure that your throws have the best possible chance of landing on the board because the tips are capable of doing so. If you cannot land your dart throws, you don’t want to assume that you lack skill if it is really the fault of using poor quality darts.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use Bottelsen Darts because they are an American Darts company which produces darts used by professionals all around the world. Also, you should make sure your dartboard is high quality as well. Visit the darts blog called peak dartboards to discover some of the best electronic dartboard in the game.

Use Three Fingers Minimum

The barrel of the dart is the widest part just above the tip area. Each time you throw a dart, at least three fingers should be holding the barrel. Some players may want to use more fingers to stabilize the dart, but it will be harder to release the dart if more fingers are touching it. So, figure out whether three fingers, four fingers or five fingers is good enough for you. The point is that you want to stabilize the dart as much as possible and for this, you need three fingers.

Relax and Aim

Try not to feel so much tension when you’re up at the throwing line. Just relax and take a deep breath. It is important that you remain calm when you throw the dart so that you can maintain 100% focus. If you feel stressed or distracted in any way, your mind won’t be able to aim accurately at the board and then you will miss. So, relax and just remember that darts is only a game for fun. If you have fun, then you will be fine.

Right Foot Goes Forward

Your feet should not be positioned parallel from each other when you make a dart throw. You’ll want to keep your right foot forward so that you can give your throwing arm some more momentum. Remember that your body motion and position have a lot to do with the power that goes into the throw. This right foot forward position will help the land reach the dartboard.

Snap Wrist and Follow Through

When you get to that point in your throw where you’re ready to release the dart from your fingers, you need to snap your wrist quickly at that exact moment of release. This gives the dart an extra driving force to shoot straight into the dartboard. However, your entire hand and arm need to follow through with the throw as well. This means that after the dart is released from your fingers, you keep your arm moving until your fingers are pointing toward the ground rather than pointing toward the ceiling. This ensures that there is no hesitation or holding back with your throw as you deliver the dart through completely.

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