An Essential Beginners’ Guide to Diamondback Trace Sport

Hybrid bikes are fantastic for staying fit and enjoying the outdoors. Whether you like to hit the trails, or simply revel in taking your bike around the neighborhood, a hybrid bike is great for so many terrains! Cycling is one of those sports where you can be a part of it, no matter your skill level.

So if you’re dedicated to biking, love getting your daily cardio on the road, and are looking for the next best thing in hybrid bikes, then look no further! The Diamondback Trace Sport is the bike for you! But why exactly does this particular bike soar so high over the competition? Here’s a look into why the Diamondback Trace Sport is one of the best bikes on the market right now!


No matter your motivation for getting on your bike, there are so many benefits to cycling it is insane! From improving your cardiovascular health, to strengthening your legs and your core, the advantages of biking are great for your mental and physical health! The Diamondback Trace Sport is a great investment for your fitness regimen.

Whether you’re just getting started on your health journey, or you’re a fitness fanatic, this hybrid bike will take your workouts to the max! Keep your daily fitness routine solid with a daily ride, or throw some intensely difficult trails in there every few days to mix it up! Stay healthy and fit no matter your gender, or age with a Trace Sport!

All the Right Parts

The Diamondback Trace Sport is an amazing bike because of the quality features and impeccable parts Diamondback uses in their products. From their frame materials, to the tires, to the brakes, all the parts come together to make an amazing bike.

  • Frame. The frame of the Diamondback Trace Sport is made from an aluminum alloy. This makes it both powerful and lightweight. This also makes it great for riding those tricky off-road paths. The frame is built with enough room to avoid roots and weeds and will allow you to put your foot solidly on the ground when you come to a complete stop.
  • Brakes. The Diamondback Trace rocks only the top of the line breaks. The Tektro Aries mechanical disc breaks are great for stopping quickly on any type of terrain! You never EVER want to skip out on researching the type of breaks your bike comes with, and Diamondback delivers with stopping power and longevity.
  • Tires. The tires are standard size at 700. The width of the tires, however, offer a bit more grip of the road at 45c. These tires are made by Kenda Kwick Bitumen, and are incredibly hard-wearing and tough!
  • Suspension. When it comes to hybrid bikes, you want a bike with an amazing suspension to give you a comfortable and smooth ride. The Diamondback Trace has an SR Suntour suspension fork with 75mm travel, which is great for the work hybrid bikes are meant to do!

Like the perfect recipe, all of these parts come together to make the brilliant Diamondback Trace Sport. The bike will come to you partially assembled, so you’ll only have to install the pedals, the seat, and put on the front tire! You’ll get an up-close look at how amazing all of these features are for yourself!

Just Right

The Diamondback Trace Sport is a great bike to keep you fit, keep you riding, and keep you living your best life! Whether you want the bike of your dreams to ride for miles a day, need a great commuter bike, or simply need an excuse to cycle more often, this bike will make an amazing investment! An investment not only for your sporting gear, but for your health!

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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