Business Analytics is the Most Talked About Specialization In India. Here’s Why

The Indian market is growing at a fast pace, giving way to businesses to flourish and bloom. However, for every business or organization to grow substantially, smart business analysis is needed. This humongous need has led to various openings for business analysts.

Educational institutes have recognized this growing field and introduced business analytics courses in India. However, doing a regular course isn’t cost-effective and gets in the way of other priorities. This is why reputed institutes such as Jigsaw Academy have introduced  Online business analytics courses in India. You can access their courses from anywhere in the world and grow your skills.

With the flexibility of an online course, you can access the best business analytics course in Bangalore. After all, business analytics is the most talked-about specializations in India and here’s why:

Plenty of Scope

The business world is growing with government initiatives such as Make in India, which has opened opportunities for business analysts. With the right business analytics course in India, you will be equipped to make well-informed decisions, learn technical skills, visualize data, and handle data. You will easily stand out and be noticeable with these skills.

A business analytics course will help build an impressive resume and provide financial benefits.

Space to Grow

The scope of growth after doing a business analytics course in India is immense. After completing your certification, even working as an entry-level business analyst, you are bound to reach the top tier of a company. If you choose to join a firm as a consultant, strategist, or investor, you will grow into roles such as partner, VP, Director and CEO in no time.

Develop Excellent Skills

Through business analytics courses in India, you will assimilate skills that will help you no matter what career field you choose. You will develop both technical and soft skills with the program. Here are some that you will learn through a business analytics course:

  • Business Decisions
  • Data handling
  • Business strategizing
  • Implementing algorithms
  • Inferential statistics
  • Data visualization and manipulation
  • Critical thinking

Financial Stability

As a business analyst, you help businesses grow. This growth in the market also enables you to grow in the company. Even as an entry-level business analyst, you will receive a decent salary. That’s not all; you will also receive perks in the form of incentives and bonuses for your performance. It is easy to get noticed in this field and grow.

Why Choose Business Analytics Course from  ?

  • Ranked by Analytics India Magazine amongst the ‘Top 10 Analytics Courses in India’
  • Interact with business leaders and get hands-on experience with industry projects
  • Frequent interactions with industry experts that belong to the IIM network
  • Become a data science, big data and machine learning expert
  • Use R and Python to work with complex data sets
  • Learn to use data effectively in making power business decisions

With all the above reasons, there’s no denying that business analytics is one of the most sought-after specializations in India at the moment. With 2020 right around the corner, this career field will open doors to even more significant opportunities. If you are someone contemplating whether you should opt for a business analytics course in India or not, you should drop all your inhibitions at once.

If you are thinking of taking a business analytics course in Bangalore, you can opt for an online course. Jigsaw Academy has collaborated with IIM Indore to provide the best business analytics courses in India. You check their website for more details and enrol for the program.

Add ranking. It doesn’t make sense to talk about IIM and tell readers why they should choose Jigsaw.

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