6 Ways Technology Will Change Marketing in 2020

Technologies are constantly evolving. They bring significant changes to the way marketing works. As time goes by, users are becoming used to certain marketing trends. It leads to a decline in the positive results of the marketing campaigns. For example, many ignore and even block pop-ups or banners nowadays. It motivates marketing and technology experts to work toward developing new techniques. They aim to improve both the marketing experience and results.

So far, digital marketing has had an enormous impact on businesses. And its impact will only grow further as we face innovations in 2020.

Technologies provide better marketing tools and experiences across many industries. Here are five growing marketing trends that came into existence thanks to advancements in digital technologies.

#1 Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is an increasing trend. It is impacting almost every industry that  conducts its business (or a part of it) online. It came through thanks to significant advancements in conversational interfaces and AI technologies. After all, every company competes for the attention of their customers. And the personification of messages and communications works well to attract them. That’s why it became a massive trend in marketing.

Companies in 2020 will use more AI interfaces and chatbots to foster conversational marketing. It can boost the relevance of marketing campaigns and help businesses reach out to their audience on a more personal level. That often results in more sales and conversions.

#2 Insights-Driven Marketing

The advancements in the field of advanced data analytics have led to the growth of insights-driven marketing. This type of marketing relies on data to drive campaigns and optimize their results. Companies use data analytics to stay on top of their industries.

Going into 2020, you can expect more online-hosted customer communities. A good example is the one created by Red Bull using the insight platform Vision Critical. This community allowed Red Bull to get to know their audience on a deeper level by allowing them to become a part of a group that shares the same interests.

#3 Marketing Technology

There’s also a growth in Martech or marketing technology. It’s not surprising as there is now a wide choice of software services available for all sorts of marketing applications. They aim to help businesses improve their management of digital media and customers’ experiences.

The most important is the trend of automation services. It allows businesses to automate some tasks and focus on the areas that need more attention. There are many categories of marketing tools that will become essential in 2020. Data analytics, SEO platforms, and UX tools, to name a few.

#4 Cybersecurity Awareness

The world of technology is always moving and pushing forward. But it is crucial to understand while technologies bring businesses countless benefits, there’s also a negative side of things. Cybercrime is evolving as well.

With each new technological development comes a variety of security threats. And many of them target marketers. After all, the marketing team has access to user’s data for analytics and takes care of different media channels. One mistake, such as a weak password, can cause a data breach. That is why businesses in 2020 will have to step up their cybersecurity game and try to prevent any potential security threats.

#5 Consumer Privacy

The topic of consumer privacy has been around for a while now. It is an essential topic for any business out there. The introduction of the GDPR has taken financial fines for lack of privacy through the roof with penalties of up to 20 million euros.

It is an issue for both the marketing and IT teams. Marketers use the collected data in a variety of ways and need to be transparent about it. They also should be well aware of the consequences of security policies within the company. If you expose the list of your email subscribers because you don’t connect to a VPN server (https://nordvpn.com/servers/) when using public WiFi, it shows underlying security issues.

#6 Digital Transformation Programs

There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be the year of digital transformation. The majority of businesses are continually seeking ways to improve their integrated strategies. Digital transformation is all about creating a detailed road map that will enhance a company’s digital capabilities and marketing efforts.

It’s clear why many businesses would want to opt for this type of transformation in 2020. It will become crucial for their success in competitive fields. It includes the adoption of new and faster digital technologies to win the industry race.

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