How You Can Lose Weight by Increasing Metabolism with the Help of HCG Diet

Did you know that it is possible to shed extra weight by improving your body metabolism? In fact, all the weight loss programs aim to improve metabolism by prescribing right kind of food in the right amount. Of course, this is associated with other measures such as avoiding fat intake, resorting to regular exercises, drinking plenty of water as well as using medicines such as HCG drops.

Metabolism & Weight Loss

Metabolism is the complex body mechanism by which energy and power for various activities are generated. The body generates the power by burning the calories which we ingest through foods. Metabolism is significantly related to weight loss because efficient metabolism can burn the fats faster than the impaired metabolism. In addition to converting the nutrients in the foods into energy, the metabolism has another important function. It has to dispose of all the harmful substances such as toxins, poisons, drugs, alcohols, etc. from the body. If we can minimize this activity of the body metabolism by avoiding substances which are harmful to the body, our body metabolism will be able to concentrate fully on useful activities thus helping in weight loss as well as maintaining the normal weight.

Our body mechanism with various systems such as respiratory system, digestive system, sensory system, reproduction system, etc. is the most efficient machine in the world. It is designed to be healthy, active, slim and beautiful in the natural ambiance. It is curses of modern civilization which have inflicted artificial foods, unsolicited stress, pollution, drugs, chemicals, and toxins. Our body metabolism got confused and preoccupied with the disposal of harmful substances from the body. Thus it fails to perform its rejuvenating activities. But this being an irreversible process, we need to resort to various weight loss regimes designed to rectify and cleanse the system for the efficient functioning of the body metabolism.

How Various Weight Loss Dietary Plans Work?

If we search the internet, we will find enough of weight loss regimes such as paleo diet plan, vegan diet, Dukan diet, ultra-low-fat diet, very low-calorie diet, HCG diet, etc. But the approach of Dr. Simeons who propounded the idea of very-low-calorie HCG dietary regime was unique. To understand his approach to the problem we have to know about a very important gland of our body called hypothalamus which is a tiny gland placed deep inside the brain. This tiny gland regulates many other glands secreting various hormones. The thyroid is the most important gland which controls metabolism and thus regulates our weight.

The hypothalamus not only controls thyroids but also regulates sleep, thirst, body temperature, hunger and even reproduction aspects. All these functions are important for improved metabolism. Dr. Simeon theorized that obesity and overweight are just the symptoms of a deep-rooted cause. He targeted hypothalamus for rectifying the malady. The dysfunctional hypothalamus is responsible for the overeating syndrome and overweight in the obese people. Supported by tons of clinical data he designed the unique dietary plan using HCG drops. Now we know beyond doubt that HCG diet can improve metabolism by rectifying the hypothalamus. This, in turn, enables fast reduction of weight in the patients undergoing the dietary regime. Besthcgdropswebsite gives the details of the HCG diet plan.

HCG Hormone is Responsible for Improved Metabolism in Pregnant Women

Do you know that Mother Nature has her splendid way to save the fetus for the sake of successful reproduction? It comes in the shape of one wonder hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG. This particular hormone is therefore found in abundance in the urine of the pregnant women indicating its prominent presence in the body of the pregnant woman. It works by improving the body metabolism due to which the body can burn deposited fats fast. This is the nature’s way of protection to the fetus. Even if the mother is ill-nourished, it helps in maintaining the fetus by providing energy to the fetus by burning fats. Dr. Simeons applied this knowledge for remedying the defective hypothalamus of obese and overweight people using medicine made from the HCG hormone. The HCG drops are to be taken in the prescribed doses and the prescribed manner while on HCG dietary regime to get the best results.

What is HCG Diet Plan?

HCG diet(Phase1, Phase2, Phase3, and Phase4) plan is known as the extreme dietary plan involving very low-calorie diet resulting in the fast reduction in weight. The dietary regime is divided into four phases each having distinct dietary instructions. The phases are Loading Phase, Working Phase, Stabilization phase and Maintenance Phase.

In the loading phase, which lasts for one to two days, the patient is asked to consume as many high-calorie foods as possible so that the body gets enough fats. This is to prepare the body for the ensuing assault. This is considered to be the very important phase on which the success of the diet plan depends. So it should never be belittled thinking the step as unusual compared to the other weight loss plans. The HCG drops start from this phase.

In the working phase, the calorie intake of the patient is restricted to 500 calories daily only. The very low-calorie diet starts. The extent of low-calorie intake can be best understood when we know that normal calorie intake of men is 2500 calorie per day and that for women is 2000 calorie per day. The diet plan specifies details of HCG foods. The patient continues with the HCG drops.

In the last two phases, HCG drop is stopped. In the stabilization phase also the calorie intake is limited to 500 calories per day. Some varieties are introduced in the HCG recipes.

In the maintenance phase, the calorie intake is slowly and gradually increased to 1500 calorie. In this phase, the patient is enthralled noticing remarkable weight reduction. The patient is allowed some amount of sugar. But his craving for sugar is found to have reduced, and he does not intend to take sugar.

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