Can Online Counseling help me?

We live in a digital world, in which almost every task can be performed online. Therapy is one such practice that has, in recent times, seen rising success rates online. Here’s the catch, not many people consider therapy much less online counseling.

People are under the assumption that only people with severe mental disorders need to go to therapy but that is far from the truth. Everybody goes through painful, stressful periods in their life that leave them sad, confused, frustrated, or lonely.

Therapy is a medium that allows people to express their emotions and talk about the things that have caused them so much pain or grief and help them resolve these issues.

What is Therapy and how does it work online

Therapy is a scientifically proven method of medical treatment that attempts at providing remedies to any mentally induced suffering. It is a tool to help navigate through your emotions and feelings and work with your behaviors, reactions, and triggers.

Therapists use clinical therapy techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you set goals and aspirations for personal growth, track progress, and build emotional awareness so you can handle stressful or painful situations with ease.

Research shows that Online Counseling is a suitable way to go on about the process. People might be wary about therapy in general, and online methods might put them off completely, but it is only due to the stigma associated with therapy.

Online counseling uses the same practices and methods by practiced psychologists or counselors. For people who don’t know if therapy is what’s right for them, or are generally shy of conversations; online therapy sessions are genuinely a great way to take that first step.

At the comfort and safety of one’s home, a professional will sit down with you over a video-call and discuss issues that you may have like sadness, stress, phobia, self-esteem issues, and so on and talk about what is causing it.

Some Myths about Therapy

The reasons many people still fall into the trap of believing myths about therapy can range from “I don’t have the time” to “ I’m not sick so why would I need it” and so on. Here are some common myths that are floating around about therapy.

  • Therapy doesn’t always work: Therapy is not supposed to be considered as the entire treatment. Depending on the type of problem you’re facing, your counselor will advise you on the type of therapy you need, if you need to be diagnosed further, and if medication along with therapy is what’ll work for you. Online counseling is the first step in healing yourself. Depending on how you’re doing, further treatment will be provided if required.
  • I don’t need therapy because I can easily fix this myself: At one point in everyone’s life, one will feel at least one major emotion that overwhelms them. It is absolutely normal to need help and support to get back on track. Yes, you might be able to fix it yourself but there’s also an equal chance of falling back harder. Therapy is the fastest and easiest way for you to cope and comprehend these feelings instead of pushing them away as though they are maleficent beings.

If you’re still conflicted about whether or not you need online counseling, all you need to do is attend a few sessions. If it’s not for you then you aren’t losing much, but if it is you have a great chance of healing yourself and coming out a better, clearer version of yourself.

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