Chanderi – The Amazing Town to Visit in Asia

In India, there is no dearth of tourist spots. One of the important name in the field of tourism is the state known as Heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh is very popular for its rich history and culture. It is said that Shishupala ruled this town during the period of Mahabharata. It is also a major center for the Jain culture, and you can find many temples dedicated to the Jain community. At present, the place is well known for the amazing Chanderi sarees that are popular all over the country, and you will see that there is a huge demand for the exclusive designs of these specialty sarees.

Jama Masjid of Chanderi

This is an amazing place in the town of Chanderi, and you will notice that it is very grand and build with great emphasis on architecture. You will also notice that this does not have any minars like the other Masjid. It is also maintained in proper condition by the Archaeological Survey of India. You can find the place where judges used to sit in earlier days and used the acoustics to amplify their voices. This is known as one of the major attractions of Jama Masjid.

Chanderi Fort

This is one of the famous monuments of Chanderi and maintained in appropriate condition by the Archaeological Survey of India. You can even get guides in this place who will explain the importance of this Fort. The authorities have done appropriate renovation for the fort, and it looks in very good condition at the moment. You can get the complete panoramic view of the entire town from the top of the Fort. As fogut.com thinks that the fort can attract you if you love the history of the same.

Kati Ghati gateway

This is situated in the southern part of Chanderi, and it was built after cutting the solid rock throughout the length. It forms the grand entry into the Chanderi region from Bundelkhand and Malwa. You will notice that the impressive gateway is 85 feet in width and 30 feet in height. The amazing part about this gateway is that it is carved out of a single stone. It is also located in the strategy that gives the panoramic view of the Fort.

Archaeological Museum of Chanderi

This is one of the richest and popular museums of the region maintained by Archaeological Survey of India, and you will notice the biggest collection of artifacts from the ancient times. It has some rare statues that portray the rich heritage and culture of the Hindu and Jain community. You can visit the place along with your kids, and they will completely enjoy the various elements of the museum.

KhooniDarwaza of Chanderi

It is said that during the war between Babur and Maharaja MadniRai in 1528, the blood came flowing till the gate of this monument. The Fort has been reconstructed by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism department, and you can get a glimpse of the royalty of the maharajas in this fort.

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