Commercial Building Maintenance: How Does It Work?

Any building manager knows the importance of commercial building maintenance. It’s a never-ending fight against weather elements and other factors causing wear and tear. In order to keep the building compliant to the regulation and improve its appearance, it’s important to work out a proper maintenance routine.

Having an in-house team dealing with commercial building maintenance may be a good idea if you have numerous technicians available. The majority of building managers opt for hiring a maintenance company.

How does commercial building maintenance work?

#1. Electrical System Maintenance

The safety of your building depends on proper electrical system maintenance. In the USA, more than 5,300 fires every year are caused by bad outlets. Problems with outlets often stem from poorly maintained electrical systems.

Commercial building maintenance involves checking the system on a regular basis to ensure the safety of people and the building itself. This type of maintenance can save a building owner millions of dollars.

#2. Interior and Exterior Painting

Each city has its own rules about the façade appearance. If you don’t keep the paint in an excellent condition, you may face trouble. Meanwhile, proper and timely painting is important for the overall integrity of the building.

Commercial building maintenance companies make sure all the interior and exterior surfaces are painted properly. Timely painting improves the curb appeal of the building and helps keep the clients coming.

#3. Roofing

The integrity of the roof is highly important. Roofing problems are usually impossible to spot with a naked eye until it’s too late. Commercial building maintenance involves regular close inspection of the roof and all repairs necessary.

It’s vital to inspect and repair the roof before winter comes.  According to the experts from a Florida commercial building maintenance company CSG, strong winds are the building’s roof worst enemies. Strengthening it before the season starts can save the building.

#4. Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing is the heart of every building. When it fails, the whole building stops its work. That’s why plumbing maintenance is necessary for each commercial building. Inspecting the systems on a regular basis is vital. Having a company ready to come to your aid if a serious breakdown occurs is priceless.

Keeping the plumbing in top-notch condition doesn’t just ensure seamless operation, it keeps the people inside the building safe.

#5. Flooring Repair

Problems with flooring can lead to an aesthetic disaster and dangerous situations. Commercial building maintenance involves dealing with flooring problems. An experienced team should replace and repair damaged flooring as well as install new materials.

Keeping flooring in an excellent condition is the key to proper building functioning. It also removes trip and fall hazards.

#6. Door And Window Repair

High-quality windows and doors in Toronto  are important to the building’s security. Failing to inspect them can lead to considerable expenses. Commercial building maintenance companies check doors and windows on a regular basis to ensure their integrity.

#7. Landscape Maintenance and Installation

Landscape maintenance is also part of the overall building maintenance. Keeping the landscape in top-notch condition improves the curb appeal of the building. The aesthetic appearance of commercial buildings is often a key to increasing profits.

#8. HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Keeping HVAC systems in a working condition is highly important for any building. When HVAC breaks down, the work stops. Maintaining these systems timely can increase their lifespan tremendously and reduce repair and replacement expenses.

The above points are a major part of commercial building maintenance. It also involves parking lot repair and resurfacing, ceiling repair, fixture replacement and maintenance, and much more.

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