Complete Guide on Garmin Free Map Updates, Issues & Installation

Having issues with upgrading Garmin maps? This blog covers complete info on Garmin map updates. And, here are the topics:

  1. What is Garmin map? Where is it used?
  2. How to install free Garmin map updates?
  3. What are the common issues in updating Garmin map?

So, all the tech enthusiasts & Garmin users out there, let’s get to know about these topics in detail.

What is Garmin Map?

Garmin is a well-known American multinational firm that provides GPS tracking devices, smart watches, and GPS enabled units for automotive, marine, aviation, fitness, outdoor & sports activity. The company has also developed products such as Garmin maps and software Garmin Express that is used to install the latest Garmin map updates on your device. Garmin releases the map updates many times in a year like they have recently announced updates on the availability of multiple software upgrades on several Garmin products including the GTN 650/750 navigators, G500 Txi, G600 Txi, and GFC 600/GFC 500 autopilots & G5 flight instrument.

Garmin map updates help in solving the issue of recognizing a new place or route tracking and are easy to install on all the devices, have a look.

How To Install Free Garmin Map Updates?

To keep a Garmin GPS device up to date, download the company’s Garmin Express application on your Mac or Windows computers.

Installation of Garmin Express on Windows PC

At first, you are required to install the “Garmin USB” driver software.

Now, install “Garmin Communicator”. Check your web browser whether it detects your Garmin device or not.

Note: The Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, and Opera are some of the web browsers supported by the plugin “Garmin Communicator.”

Installation of Garmin Express on your Mac System

Start by installing the “Garmin Communicator Plugin” on your Mac desktop or laptop.

Take a test to find that your browser is communicating with your Garmin device or not.

The best web browsers that support Garmin Communicator Plugin are Firefox and Safari.

What are the Common Issues of Garmin Map Updates?

An error may occur while updating your device on Garmin Express. The errors you may face include failed installation, installer not launching etc. The better way to fix an error is simply called on Garmin customer service number, or try the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue:

Step 1

At first, identify the specific error with map updates.

Step 2

Get your personal computer.

Step 3

Restart your computer.

Step 4

Check the system requirements.

Step 5

Now, unblock the Installer on your system.

Step 6

Deactivate your anti-virus security software program.

Step 7

End the Microsoft Installer processes.

Step 8

Uninstall any of the previously installed version of Garmin Express software from your system.

How to Perform Free Garmin Map Update?

If you are using a Garmin device, make sure you have updated it with the latest maps otherwise it’s of no use. Even Garmin support make it easier to update your GPS maps, but you can do it yourself as all the updates are available on the internet. For Garmin update, you may need to wait for an hour, here are the steps to follow:

First, you need to create an account on my Garmin. Please check the official website of Garmin to create a new account.

Fill in all necessary information and click on the box “Agree to the term of use and privacy statement.”

Register your Garmin device, select the type of device you need to update, now you can download the free map updates.

For updating your device for free, connect your Garmin device with the computer using a USB and log on to your Garmin account.

The home screen of Garmin Website shows two types of downloads

  • Recently purchased updates
  • Free updates

To make the free updates on Garmin device, click on “Get Free Updates”, then click on “Download” and then enter the product key of your Garmin device.

When your system screen shows updating the device software, simply click on “Accept the License Agreement”.

After you have downloaded the software, run (“Garminmapupdatex.x.exe”) for your Windows PC and (“Garminmapupdatex.x.dmg”) for your Mac system.

Select the device for the update, click on “Agree to License Terms and Condition” box. Enter the “Product Key” and click on “Continue”.

When your device is updating, your system screen will show you two options.

  • Click on recommended map region.
  • Go to Advance option to choose the map region.

Now, choose the option to install maps on your Garmin device.

Once the installation process completes, finally click on continue and then click exit.

Your device is fully updated with the current map and ready to be used to track different locations & regions.

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