Three Ways to Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection Problems!

Internet connectivity issues and intricacies can cause frustration. Before moving towards complex troubleshooting, you should first check for any physical problems affecting your internet connection. Someone might have randomly hit the equipment’s power cable which may have forced the Ethernet cable out of a socket, creating the issue.

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the difficulty and understand your problem.

#1. Ping

One of the primary steps to take when your connectivity fails is to try the ping command. Begin a Command Prompt window via the Start menu, then run a command such as a ping howtogeek.com or ping google.com.

The command transfers several packets to the web address you choose to go. The web server reacts to all packets it gets. There’s zero percent packet drop and the time every single package uses is relatively low. If you witness the packets going to waste that means there’s an issue with your network. The web server doesn’t react to the packets you transferred when there’s a problem.

If the web server takes a lot of time to respond to your packets, it’s an indication of the network error too. Sometimes there’s an issue with the website you are visiting and not your network provider. Some websites do not react to ping. One such example of a site that doesn’t respond is ping microsoft. However, it’s not always a website issue. If you repeatedly encounter the same issues while visiting different sites, there could be a problem with your internet.

#2. Issues with a Particular Website

If you fail to access a website and ping work perfectly fine, then you might be facing a different issue. It could be the website which is encountering hindrance on its end. There are countless online tools which let you check if the site is down or not. If the tools show that the website is down for all of the visitors, then you’ll know for sure that the website can’t be accessed at the moment. The tools to identify this are available online for free.

If the tool shows the website is not accessible to you, then there must be an issue with your connection. There’s possibly an issue between your laptop or PC and the network path it uses to reach the sites’ servers.  Apply the traceroute command for tracing the packets are using to reach the site’s address. However, if there are any other complications, such as a faulty router or modem, you will have to fix it up.

#3. Modem & Router Hurdle

Modem often causes problems. Different internet service providers (ISP) have introduced their modem or router. For example, My Cable Internet (an authorized Charter Spectrum dealer) offers free modem with their cable internet subscription. Spectrum modem communicates your ISP and shares a connection throughout your house to all digital devices. Flashing of green lights indicates a smooth network traffic flow. Flickering light is an indicator of a problem. If the lights continuously flicker, unplug it, and then plug it back. It’s similar to shutting down and then restarting your computer. Fault routers mostly get settled with just resetting. It might take a few minutes; however, it’ll connect you. Sometimes the problem is in wrong connection of cable wires. Check out if all the linkages of cable cords are securely attached to the Spectrum modem and computer. If you face any hindrance, you may contact the provider. My Cable Internet offers free tech support.

You can contact via Charter call, message, voicemail, or email to submit your query. Charter makes sure to offer you all possible help. Efficient and trained representatives provide you with the best customer support.  You might choose to visit the official website of the charter’s authorized retailer, i.e., mycableinternet.com. Through their site, you can get your questions and concerns answered immediately.  If you would prefer support from Charter’s representative, call Charter cable to talk with them about any issues you are facing.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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