David Reagan of Atlanta Shares his Favorite Virtual Fitness Classes

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, while all our activities revolve around the virtual world in one way or another, virtual classes offer a great way to get you moving and working out. It’s especially important to take breaks if you work from home, since you, most likely, spend long hours in a sitting position. Here, David Reagan, Atlanta-based fitness coach, looks at some of the best virtual fitness classes you can take part in from the comfort of your home.

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide ($20/month)

This is a HIIT-style workout (High-Intensity Interval Training). The workouts are 28 minutes long and are broken into seven-minute sections. The workouts sculpt every part of your body and can be done from anywhere. Some equipment is required like medicine balls, benches, and jump ropes, but if you don’t have that equipment, substitutions are available.

Blogilates (Free)

Blogilates workouts are a combination of pilates and strength training and are free on YouTube. The videos are short and work different parts of your body. Since the Blogilates YouTube channel has been around for a few years now, there are hundreds of workouts available, depending on the muscle groups you are wanting to train. You don’t need any equipment to get in a full-body burn.

Peloton  ($2,245 for the bike + $39/month for membership)

Peloton has been in the spotlight since quarantine for COVID-19 began, and for good reason — it’s a convenient way to torch some serious calories while having fun in a live setting! It’s one of the most expensive options out there, but with the membership, you will have access to live cycling classes, yoga, and fitness classes you can do on and off the bike itself. You can choose your classes based on the instructor or the type of music you enjoy.

ClassPass ($49-$199/month)

ClassPass, which was traditionally used to allow you to try out different workout classes in person, has a virtual twist. It’s a workout class app with free, home fitness videos. It is a library of on-demand workout videos that range from dance to HIIT.

The Mirror ($1,495 for the device + $35/month)

The Mirror is a high-tech, interactive home workout that pops up on a mirror that allows you to see yourself, your form, and your movements. There are more than 10,000 on-demand classes available and new classes are added weekly. Classes range from cardio to strength, kettlebells, boxing, barre, pilates, and everything in between. There is even a class for families to participate in together.

Obe Fitness ($27/month)

Obe Fitness offers unlimited access to live, on-demand fitness classes from some of New York City’s top fitness instructors. The best part? You don’t even have to live in New York or leave your home! There are 100 live classes each week and the classes are 28 minutes and HIIT.

Insanity ($39/3 months, $59/6 months, $99/12 months)

Insanity is a 60-day cardio exercise program for those looking for a more advanced fitness class. It is a pretty challenging program. Insanity is made up of 10 conditioning workouts that range from 30 to 60 minutes each and the goal is to do them six times per week. The workouts include cardio drills, strength intervals, resistance, and core training. No equipment is required and the program comes with a free nutrition guide.

To summarize, just because you may not be able to stick to your typical workout routine due to social distancing does not mean you can’t stick to your fitness goals. Pick one of the top virtual classes, recommended by David Regan, and you will be surprised how fit you will get even without leaving your home.

About David Reagan

David Reagan is a NASM Certified personal trainer from Atlanta, who specializes in weight loss, personalized workout plans, bodybuilding, and nutrition. He caters to high-end clients and executives, helping them achieve their fitness goals by accommodating their busy schedules. The client’s needs come first, and David’s fitness plan will set you up on the path to success.

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