Michael Wiener, Albuquerque Former Public Leader, Discusses Goal Setting: The Power of Believing in Yourself

There is a common phrase that states that the only person who keeps yourself from obtaining your goals is yourself. This saying reflects the truth that achieving any goal starts with a strong belief in yourself. Having faith in what you can achieve is easier said than done and requires daily practice. Specific methods such as meditation, vocal repetition of goals daily, and setting smaller goals to make bigger ones happen can build the confidence you need.

Michael Wiener, Albuquerque, New Mexico former city councilor and two-time ALPCA President, is a highly devoted professional that has accomplished many goals, including being elected as Albuquerque City Councilor, New Mexico State Senator, and Bernalillo County Commissioner. He agrees that the power of reaching a goal stems from believing in yourself and below he shares three positive ways to keep your eye on the prize during your journey to goal achievement.

Way #1: Create Dreams

What are your passions? What makes you tick? What would be your dream scenario in five years? Take a moment and ask yourself what your aspirations are regardless of where you are in life. Many people believe that dreams are just ideas, and they do not go further than your imagination. That is far from the truth. Personal, proactive thoughts reflect ambition, and ambition fuels goals.

Sometimes the first step is putting pen to paper. Write down what your dreams are and take the time to connect and get excited about your big picture ideas. Then set a series of small obtainable short-term goals that result in larger goals with your dream situation being the end achievement to create mental clarity. Allowing yourself to see a realistic plan while feeling passionate and excited is an excellent recipe for believing in yourself to acquire an opportunity.

Way #2: Stay Moving and Motivated

Goals are achieved one step at a time. It is crucial for you to keep up your momentum by setting small goals. Staying active towards your big goals through small goals will help keep you going over a long period. The minor achievements will help uphold your self-confidence and steer you on the right track.

Motivation creates motion. Influence your motivation through routines such as reading encouraging quotes, clearly focusing on your goals and dreams through meditation, listening to passion focused podcasts, or watching energizing speakers on TED Talks.

Way #3: Empower Others

It is easy to boost your confidence when you focus on empowering others. By voicing support and motivation for another, you are only reinstating your self-belief in human capabilities.

Treat others with kindness because acting ill towards another reflects an insecure person with poor self-esteem. Doing what is morally right and feeling good about your actions also blooms self-confidence. Do not forget to treat yourself with kindness, as well. You are only human, and you deserve to embrace every single one of your mistakes.

About Michael Wiener

Michael Wiener of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a renowned expert in the field of automobile license plates and motor vehicle licensing systems. The public has recognized his devotion, hard work, and honesty, and elected him to serve the people as Albuquerque City Councilor, New Mexico State Senator, and Bernalillo County Commissioner. During that time, Mr. Wiener sponsored many pieces of legislation concerning motor vehicle laws, the enforcement of mandatory auto insurance, and special registration plates. He has also been a member DWI Oversight Task Force.


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