6 Benefits of Sofa Cum Bed Designs

With ever fluctuating inflation rates, there is no chance that we can defeat inflation. In such a scenario, we need to be sagacious and spend our money wisely.  Buying over-priced furniture from your local dealer is a thing of the past. With online dealers coming up with innovative designs that suits your pocket, fulfills your need and give your home the décor it needs, it’s high time that we start to buy furniture online.  Sofa cum bed is an example of many such ingenious designs available. A sofa cum bed looks just like an ordinary sofa which can be easily converted into a bed any time by either pulling out a drawer underneath or through simple folding and unfolding as instructed in the product manual.  Here are 6 benefits of sofa cum bed designs you should consider before you go furniture shopping the next time.

#1. Saves Space:

Who wouldn’t like some extra space in the room? Buying a sofa cum bed gives you the extra space you always desired. If you have a sofa cum bed, after getting up from a good night sleep, you can easily fold your bed into a sofa which will occupy only half the space of an ordinary bed.

#2. Saves money:

This is the reason which compels most of the buyers to go for a sofa cum bed. A sofa cum bed will save you from the trouble of buying a sofa and a bed separately hence, saving a lot of your heard earned money.

#3. Adds elegance to your living room:

When you buy furniture online, you obviously wouldn’t want to compromise on the décor of your house. With many alluring sofa cum bed designs available on internet, a sofa cum bed will surely add the elegance you need in your living room/ bed room.

#4. Accommodates many guests and provides extra storage space:

When an ordinary sofa provides seating arrangement only to a limited number of guests, a sofa cum bed can easily be unfolded to accommodate extra guests, meeting the demand of the situation. Moreover, most of the sofa cum bed comes with extra storage facilities in the form of small cabins present beneath the yaasa zero gravity mattress and cushions, giving you the extra storage space you need.

#5. Dual utility for extra comfort:

As the name suggests, a sofa cum bed gives you the comfort of a sofa as well as that of a bed according to your needs. Whenever you feel tired sitting on your sofa cum bed in your living room while watching tv or reading a magazine, you can easily unfold your sofa cum bed into a full-fledged bed and take a little nap. After your nap, you can fold your sofa cum bed back into a couch.

#6. Its unique:

Most of us are bored of seeing the same old sets of furniture in every house. Having a unique furniture like a sofa cum bed which is a new and innovative design available in the market, it will definitely captivate your guests making them impressed of your furniture choice.

As discussed above, a sofa cum bed is the demand of the hour. As the emerging classes move in to more compact and cozy homes, saving space and added utility is has become the most searched feature in the furniture of today. Allow yourself to search through hundreds of such options at Urban Ladder.

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