Domestic Violence as a Ground for Divorce

Violence in households may be hidden from the public eye but is rampant. It is a common occurrence, which you should not attempt to conceal. Many people around the world are victims of domestic violence and it does much good to come out and expose the perpetrator. Sue them if you have to save yourself from more trouble. Staying silent in an abusive marriage has detrimental effects to you and children. The impact of the violence is implanted into their inner selves and will develop complexes in their future marriages.


According to statistics, at least four million people suffer as victims of domestic violence each year. Most of these are women and children and they suffer under the hands of relatives, friends, and employers. Currently, up to 2/3 of all marriages are infested with domestic violence. Of these, at least 95% of the victims are women while 40% of children have experience of the occurrence. Most of the children who witness the physical abuse of their mothers grow up to be abusive too. If they are girls, they are likely to grow up into victims too. After trying as much as possible to help the situation without a breakthrough, consider presenting in court. It will act as one of the strongest cases.

Luckily, the law provides grounds for filing a divorce based on domestic violence. The problem is that most people find it difficult to follow through the legal process because it is extra burden and publicity of their problems. It is traumatizing to narrate and debate about horrific episodes of your suffering to the public.

State Laws

Most states take domestic violence seriously. They allow at-fault divorce based on evidence of spousal physical abuse. The grounds for uncontested divorce has grown popular and spread through the states as well as countries around the globe. If your spouse commits actual violence or engages in activity that causes extreme fear in you, it means you can take advantage of the clause and seek a quickly processed divorce.

To meet the requirements for uncontested divorce based on violence, you need to demonstrate either direct or indirect infliction of violence. This violence must attest to the fact that your spousal abuse affects your marriage.

Fleeing from an Abusive Spouse

Domestic violence and divorce cases are mostly perceived as complicated. Some victims feel threatened by losing either way. For example, they fear that by leaving the abuse spouse, a claim for dissertation or abandonment will be created against them. Although abandonment is a basis for divorce in most states, the duration has to satisfy a minimum number of years. It must be long lasting and a year prior to divorce to achieve the abandoned claim. Most of the victims who flee spousal physical abuse will not desert or surrender property rights by quitting the relationship.

Feeling ashamed and embarrassed about the taking this case to court is common among most victims. The highest percentage of male victims never attempt to publicize the problem and choose to live with the abusive wife for a lifetime. Nobody seems ready to discuss their experiences in a physically abusive marriage to an attorney.

Domestic Violence and Child Custody

What most people fail to think thoroughly is the predicament of their children in case young children are involved. Most children suffer a substantial impact from divorce proceedings based on domestic violence. Child custody has always been a pressing issue as the parents contest keeping the children. In most states, the parents accused and found to be physically abusive in the presence of their children are least likely to gain custody of their children.

Depending on the level of abuse, the judge preceding over the case may restrict abusive parents to supervised visits. The judge may also terminate the visitation rights altogether and award full custody to the spouse who was the victim of violence. This occurs in extreme cases where the abuse was severe and witnessed by the children.

What Your Divorce Attorney Can Do

If you find an experienced divorce attorney, you will be exempted from the troubled process and heartache of debate-full proceedings. You do not have to worry about long proceedings that involve narrating the ordeals to prove the violence occurred and it matches up as enough to grant a divorce. For example, during proceedings, they will ensure you have a protection order to keep you safe from further harm in case the abusive spouse reacts violently. The skilled attorney will help you get a court to force the abusive spouse from the marital home. This way, you will secure custody rights and keep your children safe from more harm.


If are a victim of an abusive marriage, do not hesitate to find a good attorney. Domestic violence will help you get divorce uncontested because it poses a risk to your life. It also poses a lifetime of psychological complexes for your children, which could ruin their marriages too. A skilled and experienced divorce attorney will help you get a quick, safe, and smooth process. Avoid suffering under an abusive purpose just because you are afraid to go public. The embarrassment of quitting your partner will not last long and you will find safety as well as keep your children safe from harm.

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