DRM Media Converter Review

Converting media from iTunes to a generalized format is a very good idea. It allows you to access all the options and features you want in a comprehensive package. The best part about  DRM Media Converter is that it delivers all the content you want in a professional manner and without any hassle. You get immediate access to the conversion features and you can customize everything.


We found the  DRM Media Converter interface to be very simple and convenient. You just choose the content you want to convert, the output format and folder, then you are good to go. You even have multiple additional menus to customize everything you want without any problems.


What we liked about  DRM Media Converter is that it allows you to easily remove FairPlay DRM from M4V files and you can also edit and output to MP4. You get to remove all DRM without a problem and that alone can help a lot. The subtitles will playback on all the popular media devices. You can also convert to some other formats like WebM, 3GP, AVI as well as MPEG and so on. You are always in control and you can access the right features, as long as you do that results will be very impressive and this will work seamlessly for you.

 DRM Media Converter  works via drag and drop. You drag the desired files in here, select the format and then you can also change the audio style and if you want subtitles or not. That helps a lot because it places a lot more customization and features in your hands. It works immensely and it really pushes the boundaries when it comes to offering a really good quality all the time. It helps quite a lot and it will make it a lot easier for you to access the content you want without having to worry about DRM.


When it comes to performance, we found that you can easily convert files pretty fast and without worries. That’s a good sign, because you get to have a lot more control over the experience and the process itself. It does take a little bit to get the ball rolling, but when it does this will work amazingly well and you will like the results a lot.

Should you use DRM Media Converter?

We found DRM Media Converter to be a very good media conversion tool. It’s adaptable, reliable and it always pushes the boundaries when it comes to offering great quality for the money. Yes, it takes a bit of time to get used to these features, but overall it’s a very good tool and one you will like using again and again. At the same time, the customization level is exciting, since you have all control in your hands and the payoff itself is always going to grow and evolve. Granted, you need to customize the app first to your own liking, but if you do it right you will enjoy it!

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