Erectile dysfunction – The Causes And Remedies

Many studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle can lead to better mental well-being as well as improved physical performance. But, is there a correlation between physical activity and enhanced erectile function?

The answer is a resounding yes. Thus, it would make sense to conclude that less or no physical activity would result in erectile dysfunction.

But, let’s first try and understand what is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Studies have shown that one-third out of all men suffer from ED.

Another fact about ED, it gets more pronounced with age. It’s simple enough to say that many men from ED, but one must comprehend the causes of ED.

What are the most common causes of ED?

Erectile dysfunction is most commonly caused by stress. Yes, that’s true. The more high-pressure your job, or life is, the more likely it is that you’ll be affected by ED.

Stress is a also known factor for depression as well as anxiety disorders. Then, there’s obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hypertension. These are naming just a few.

So, what precautions can one take to avoid ED?

As mentioned earlier, physical activity prevents ED. Since that’s first on the list, let’s discuss what form of physical activity is beneficial.

Avoid Strenuous Exercises

Strenuous exertion such as too much cycling or even Kegel exercises can sometimes do more harm than good. Thus, if you’re starting as a beginner, simpler work-outs and running are recommended.

Avoid Bad Habits

Keeping away from alcohol and cigarettes is a sure way to stay away from erectile dysfunction. Nicotine, a substance found in cigarettes, that is known to shrink the blood vessels. And, you may now wonder why a bit of alcohol is bad?

Well, a bit of alcohol over an extended period of time can cause severe liver damage as well as adversely affect the male sex hormone levels.

Avoid Risky Sex

Yes, you heard it right. Penile injuries often occur during sex. And, the cause more often than not, is awkward sexual positions during intercourse.

Also, it’s a bad idea to try to rush things. So, be smart and learn to take it slow.

Avoid Stress

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘Stress is a killer.’ Well, it’s true. Nothing dampens the libido and even sexual performance like stress. The worse part of it is that it can do permanent damage to your self-confidence.

Avoid Keeping It To Yourself

In most ED cases, studies show the men tend to keep knowledge of any sexual dysfunction to themselves. It’s considered a taboo discussing such matters, even with one’s doctor.

However, you need to know that such cases only become more difficult to treat. So, discuss a health-problem with a doctor, if the need arises.

Also, sometimes a little blue pill is all that it takes to get you going. Try Numan.com to understand the different medications that can help you out in your time of need.

The Conclusion

Hopefully, you’ll have the information you need from this article, to have not just a healthy life. But, also enjoy, rather than dread intimacy with your loved one.

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