Stress Recovery and Telomere Length-How Closely are they Related

Genetics is a field that encompasses many important secrets of the human body. Acquiring some knowledge in the subject helps a better understanding of the various biological processes in human beings.

Genes which play a vital role in carrying important hereditary information are arranged on chromosomes which are double stranded DNA molecules. These chromosomes have cap like structures on their ends called Telomeres. The function of these telomeres is to protect the chromosomes during cell division or fusion. These telomeres shorten at the time of cell division and after attaining a certain length, telomeres are unable to shorten anymore and thus the cell cannot divide and then it dies. Like chromosomes, telomeres also have repeated DNA sequences which are called base pairs. Different cells of the body have different number of base pairs like in white blood cells the length of telomeres have about 8000 base pairs.

It is observed that elderly people have decreased number of base pairs compared to newborns. During the process of cell division a cell loses about 30 to 200 base pairs. Telomerase is an enzyme that protects the telomeres from excessive shortening but as frequent cell division occurs, the amount of telomerase decreases and shortening of telomeres occur with cell aging.

Relationship Between Stress and Telomere Length

It is observed through various experiments and studies that life stresses have a direct impact on telomere length. It is seen that children who are brought up I the stressful home environment have much shorter telomere lengths than those who are brought up in a happy and healthy environment. Early life stresses are associated with shortened telomere lengths. It is observed that people with traumatic life experiences or those who are under chronic stress for financial or economic reasons when underwent genetic studies were found to have shortened telomere lengths especially in the cells of their immune systems. It is also observed through various studies that people who are in constant psychological stress from childhood trauma or sexual abuse in childhood have dangerously shortened telomeres in their immune systems and are therefore more susceptible to various health hazards. Family structures also seem to have an impact on telomere lengths. Children who are brought up in secured and well-nurtured family structures are seen to have much longer telomere length than those who are brought up by a single parent and have faced a much tougher life.

Recovery From Stress and Its Impact on Telomere Length

Life stresses render you vulnerable to a lot of disease processes because they can produce damage up to the molecular level in a human being. It is seen that the harmful after effects of stress are reversible with a few changes in lifestyle. Meditation seems the best way to release stress and it gives you a peace of mind and generates a feeling of calm and happiness. Proper nutrition is also associated with managing stress. It is seen that people who are obese lead a more stressful life than people who have a balanced diet and maintain a good body structure. Exercise is also seen to be beneficial in releasing stress and is proven with studies to have moderated telomere shortening and alleviating the impact of stress on telomeres. It is seen that people who undergo a treatment for psychological, traumatic or any kind of stress show a positive improvement in their telomere lengths and thus the quality of health.

CA-98‘s Cycloastragenol (CA) is an absolutely natural compound extracted from high-quality stocks of Astragalus roots. This molecule, Cycloastragenol (CA), has been revealed to act as an activator for telomerase activity in the human body. With this activating agent, shortening of telomere cells (cause of cell aging) in a human body is slowed down. It thus reduces cell aging in human. This molecular arrangement has been researched and studied well. Studies with twenty subjects reveal that it has physiological anti-aging effects that rapidly and effectively work, also reducing visible signs of aging.

It is associated with improvement in cellular function and an improved quality of life. Telomere length is critical in human disease processes, as much shorter telomeres render a cell, unable to divide resulting in potentially life threatening diseases. Maintaining a content and stress free life is important and helps to prevent a lot of diseases.

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