Facts You Should Know About In-Person Graphic Recorder. 

Many of you might have come across someone who introduced themselves as a graphic recorder, but you never got around to finding out what that person does to earn his living and what exactly does his job entail? In-person Graphic Recording is a new, up-and-coming innovation that is added to live events and discussions to get a complete graphical map of sketches and doodles representing the idea or plan that is being discussed. If you are interested in knowing a bit more about graphic recording, what it is and what are some of the lesser-known facts about this field of profession, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s begin our discussion. 

What is Graphic Recording?

Imagine someone making doodles and sketches of every idea that comes and festers itself inside your brain. As the idea develops into a full-blown thought, the sketch in front of you would be the complete graphical representation of what you have been thinking all along. Graphic recording is something similar to this. In a business conference setting, a graphic recorder absorbs all the ideas and plans that are brought up and jots them down into a visual representation on a whiteboard placed somewhere close to this setting. By the end of the discussion, there would be a whiteboard filled with sketches that symbolize all the key takeaways of that meeting. 

Some Facts about Graphic Recording:

  • Helps in memory retention. 

It is proved that once a graphical representation of a concept is shown to us, our brain will remember it better. The same goes when the concept at hand is a business idea or a business plan that is to be worked on. The audience present in a conference room will better remember the information that they are being fed if there are graphics of the whole message involved. 


  • Encourages participation. 

One of the leading benefits of using a graphic recorder during a conference meeting is the facilitation of more participation from the audience present. With someone present there to make sketches out of every innovative idea that comes into their mind, they’ll be able to participate more in the conversation. They would be able to convey their message better to everyone in the meeting. 


  • Ideas are presented in a comprehensive way. 

During a meeting involving a lot of participants, ideas are bound to become incoherent and sometimes may even clash with each other. In such a setting, it is important that ideas are presented in a more comprehensive way for a better understanding of everyone that is present at the conference. 


It isn’t an easy task to do because ideas do not come to a person in a proper flow. To make sense of all the information that is covered in a meeting and penning it all down in a sketch that is comprehensible and also takes into account all the internal links and clashes between a myriad of ideas- needs to be done by an expert graphic recorder. 


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