Five Essential SEO Tips to Boost Organic Traffic

SEO has become more important than ever before when it comes to an online presence. It is the absolute key to getting your business up the SERP’s. Any digital marketing agency will tell you that SEO is one of the most important things you can invest in to increase your brand’s visibility online. However, the rules of SEO keep changing. Boosting your website’s organic traffic can seem like the impossibility, but you can make a huge difference in your ranking with a little work. Here are some basic tips to help boost your website’s organic traffic.


Making Sure you URL is Correct

Did you know that you can change your URL for a blog post and that it is super important to do this? All of your posts and web pages should have URLs that contain keywords related to the content. This means you should remove any other words that are not your targeted keywords, so it is easier to find the posts.


Having a Redirection Plugin is Key

Before making any huge changes to your URLs, you should have this plugin installed. A redirection plugin will 301 redirect people from the old URL to the new page. This will prevent most 404 error pages, which will help your website ranking in turn.


Improve your Website Speed

Google has a fancy tool that will scan your website to find out how fast it will load and will add this number to your website’s search ranking. If it takes 8 to 12 seconds to load, your website needs to be improved. Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool can help you find the areas that need to be fixed. In most cases, you will only need to make small changes to increase your website’s speed.


Build Internal Links

When you are creating new content for your website, you should think about linking to other pages that are related to the topic. This builds the amount of links that you have to your site, which can help people find the information that they are looking for. A number of links that your website has to related content can help improve your search engine ranking because your website becomes a trusted source of information.


Work on Your Content

Google’s scanning tools have become better in the last few years. They can now read content for readability and for keywords stacking. So, creating good content is not just about improving your ranking during scans. Good content will attract return visitors to your website, which also improves your website ranking because Google records who visits your website and how long they stay for. This helps your website become trusted, especially if you can increase the number of return visitors. SEO is quickly becoming more about how the visitor uses a website and what content they read.

SEO is always changing, so there is no 100 percent way of future-proofing your content or website. However, you can boost your website’s organic traffic with the tips listed above.

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