Five Ways to Catch Your Cheating Partner in 2020

There can come a point in a relationship where you might feel a tad suspicious about your partner. You might feel that there is a third wheel between you two. There is no denying that this is one legit concern and we all have at least once wondered if our other half has been unfaithful. The curiosity can literally get on nerves so much so that you might end up feeling too tempted to seek help from the professionals.

But c’mon let’s be practical, hiring a private investigator can be pretty expensive and you definitely don’t want to get bankrupt.

To put it in perspective, the services catering to a background check, identification of a phone number or locating an address can cost quite a lot. The private investigators charge a flat fee while some charge on an hourly basis.

Speaking of this, getting a private investigator on board can cost around $40 to $100 per hour. It is pertinent to mention that these charges depend upon a number of factors. These include, how complex the task is, the level of expertise of the investigator in addition to location.

Sounds like a lot of cash? Well, it sounds the same to us too. After all, it takes all the time, energy and effort to be able to get your hands on even a few bucks. This is why we have tried and gathered five inexpensive ways to catch your cheating partner in 2020.

Tempted much? Let’s get started!

#1. Use Phone Spy Applications:

Yes, you read it right! There are now applications out there that will enable you to keep a check on your partner. Moreover, there are plenty of them and totally low-cost, so cracking up your partner’s infidelity is no more a big deal now. In addition to this, you should also see if there is an application on your partner’s phone that wasn’t there previously. For instance, there are apps such as Vaulty Stocks, which allow a user to hide certain pictures and videos. So, if you all of a sudden come across such an app, it is time to worry as your partner must be into something you wouldn’t like!

Other than this, it is always a good idea to run a quick check on online dating sites such as Tinder through tinder profile search. This will eventually speak a lot about your partner’s faithfulness and might save you from any potential heartbreak!

#2. Social Media:

We think there is absolutely no need to tell how social media has taken over our lives. Naturally, your other half’s social media accounts should be, undoubtedly, your very first stop as and when you start with your investigation.

To begin with, it will give you the chance to run a quick and low-cost way to see what your partner has been up to lately. Use these social media channels to the fullest as they not only can keep you connected with friends and family but also could be a great tool to keep a check on your partner.

In case you are confused about where to begin from, we suggest you look up if your partner has been commenting frequently on someone else’s pictures and statuses. If you see that your significant other is active at a social media site or at some profile he isn’t usually active at, then my friend, you got a problem to deal with.

#3. Observe and Connect the Dots:

If the love of your life doesn’t happen to be someone spending an hour over his appearance but has been doing so recently, then consider something’s been up recently. Any noticeable change in your partner’s grooming habits is an alarming sign and seriously needs to be communicated with your partner before it gets too late to handle.

It might be coming off as a bit too judgemental, but it is important to understand that looking presentable is one thing and going the extra mile to look special is something entirely different. If your partner has been acting up on the latter front, then, as much as we hate to say this, but there must be a trouble in your paradise and you gotta run to save it from falling apart.

#4. Check the finances:

This is perhaps the most transparent way to assess if your partner is cheating or not. It can reveal all the secrets in case your partner has been keeping any from you. This is because if your partner has been acting up, it will clearly reflect in the way they have been spending the money.

Keep a check on any unusual purchase and pay extra attention to the receipts. To be precise, if you see any frequent hotel check-in bills or late night dinner outings, then you might want to sit and talk it out with your partner.

#5. Swing by Unannounced:

If a partner has to cheat, they would do so in the absence of their partners. Hence, the key to knowing whether or not your partner is being unfaithful to you is dropping by their workplace unannounced or even home at a time they would least expect. Take note that the trick to unlock this secret is not to make an impression that you have been trying to spy on them. This is only going to make matters worst and tables would turn against you. Therefore, always swing by with a believable excuse at your back.

Now how will you know if your partner is up to something? Well, the moment you will step into their workplace or home unannounced, they will have a look so shocked or surprised that you wouldn’t even feel the need to ask them anything further. Also, at such a time, your partner will do everything to put the blame on you. When they do so, just know that it’s over already and you need to move on and think ahead.


This is it! Through the tips above, we are sure you will be able to get your hands on the truth sooner or later.

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