Four Reasons to Take a DNA Test

Thanks to certain websites out there offering the service, it has never been easier to get a DNA test. But what reasons would someone have for wanting to implement one of these tests? There are four good reasons why you should consider taking a DNA test.

#1. Learn Your Ancestry

The burning question of “where do we come from?” can actually be answered somewhat through learning your ethnicity. Perhaps you have been told that you are Italian or Irish your whole life. With a DNA test, however, you can know for sure.

With a DNA test, you can learn your ethnic origins going back a thousand years or more. This allows you to trace your heritage back generation after generation, giving you the best idea of where you came from and who preceded you.

#2. Make Family Discoveries

Perhaps your family history is littered with missing records and blanks waiting to be filled in. A DNA test can create a genetic record that provides us with the information on our lineage that we may not otherwise find.

This means potentially finding lost great-aunts or uncles, making connections to your family tree that you may not have thought were possible. Not only that, most DNA testing tools will make updates automatically when new cools become available.

#3. Connect with Cousins

DNA testing can be used to connect so many others out there who are working on the same family lines. DNA testing allows for the sharing of photos and stories, building on those memories and experiences that may have been shared just through different relatives.

And when you get outside of the immediate family, the genetic situation can get a little more dicey. A DNA test makes things clearer and allows for refurbished connections.

#4. Resolve Paternity Situations

On the uglier side of the coin, there comes a time where a need for paternity testing arises. This is meant to prove who a child belongs to. This can be important for a variety of reasons but it can also help establish the importance of being a parent in someone who may have thought that he had no children.

Being able to prove paternity can also mean wonders in the legal process. It leaves little room for error, meaning that it is clear whether or not the child belongs to the person being tested.

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