Furniture Ideas For Small Homes

Millennials and Generation Z are leaning more towards small compact homes to combat increasing house prices. They are opting to invest in abodes with smaller spaces like studio apartments or small homes. It becomes challenging to choose the best house design in a small area. The trickiest part after buying a small house is wondering how to go about with space management at home.


After taking possession of your new house, there are going to be some space crunch issues that you will face. You have to utilize the existing space in an optimum manner. This can be done by smartly investing in specially designed home furniture for small homes. The furniture for compact homes is designed to use the existing space as minimally as possible.


Here are some brilliant designs and small home furniture ideas that have been created to counter the small home space management crunch. If you start looking, there are several small home furniture ideas that can drastically alter the way your small home looks.

Here are some multi-use furniture small apartment ideas –

Box that can expand into a Chair, Bed and a Lounge Chair –

A box that can convert as a table to put your items on, like a lounge chair to lean back and read and as a bed with a small night table to store your magazines.

Wall-mounted table –

Mounting a broad wood plank on your wall can act as a table and can use even your vertical home space. This table, depending on how you want it, can act as a dining table or a coffee table and can be hung down when there is no use.

Bed with Cabinets –

This kind of furniture is ideal when you are facing problems related to space management at home. A bed combined with sleeping and storage space is highly functional. Besides being used for sleeping, this piece of furniture can be used for storing your clothes, books or excessive stuff.

The Living box (All furniture embedded into one space) –

The top part of the box can be used as a platform for bed space, with storage space divided as cabinets used for holding records, books, etc or as a closet space below.

Foldable chair –

This chair can be folded flat when not in use. It uses very little space and can be stored away in closets or can be leaned against the wall and can be folded out when required.

Expandable bench –

A bench similar to the size of an ottoman can be extended from both sides to seat as many as 7 people.

Modular Sofas –

These types of sofas can be used individually or in a combined form. Different parts of this sofa are able to be drawn apart to function as separate pieces of furniture or in a combined form that can be joint together as a single piece.

Murphy bed –

Murphy beds have been a common staple for some time now. These are usually connected to the wall on one side and can be pulled down or pushed up depending on the use.

A capstan table –

This small round table can be expanded radially to take up more space when required.

 An expandable bookshelf –

Every bookworm falls prey to book hoarding. This piece of furniture can be expanded to hold your growing collection of books.

Thinking small is the future

As can be seen, there is no dearth of small furniture ideas for your small home. These types of furniture can be used in your existing home space with maximum efficiency. New designs are coming up to cater to every kind of homeowner’s need. Small items of furniture are designed to be very stylish and functional and you can see one piece of furniture offering multiple uses.

Now that the search for your inspiration for your small home furniture is over, it is time to put these ideas where they belong, your new home. If you are wondering where to start your hunt for furniture, look no further than Contractorbhai.

Contractorbhai offers its professional services to people looking to design their homes. As a lot of these options are customizable, our team can negotiate and deal with all the dealers required. Contractorbhai can also give you ideas about the latest creative furniture designs in India.

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