How Do You Become A Front End Web Developer?

Web development is the comprehensive task of developing interactive dynamic websites. It is used over the internet for hosting including web designing, content development, and network security. These professionals develop and maintain these websites. The web developers have been broadly classified into three types as front end developer, backend developer, and full-stack developers.

Read ahead to gain some knowledge about front-end developers:

A front developer is also known as client end developer, as they design and develop all the things that appear visually on the screen increasing its interactivity. To become a good developer, one must work on the below-mentioned points.

  • Selection of mark-up languages to design web pages: CSS and HTML are the most basic coding languages that are considered to be the heart frontend coding. To get a hold on coding, professionals have to master these two languages. HTML abbreviated as Hypertext Mark-up Language defines the meaning and structure of the website i.e. it is used to define the layout of the webpage while CSS is abbreviated as a cascading style sheet, used to describe the presentation of the web page. This CSS adds style to the web page.
  • Developing features to enhance the users’ experience: To enhance the user experience, front end web developers possess good knowledge and understanding of several other programming languages such as JavaScript, JQUERY, and others as they allow them to enable various functionalities for making the website more interactive and user friendly. The outlook of the website must have parallax scrolling, big and vibrant font, eye-catchy images, and multimedia.
  • The balance between functional and aesthetic design: A web designer needs to balance between aesthetically pleasing web design and functional design. Consider a web page with a pleasing web look but with minimal functionality or a web page with amazing functionality but with bad aesthetic design, none of the web pages will be considered as good sites. Thus, a web developer requires a keen eye for attention to detail.
  • Smartphone-capable web designing: In order to use the web pages on the smartphone, professionals have to understand the basics code using the flexbox. It enables the browser to resize the web page as per the screen size which adds to the functionality and interactivity of the web page.

Skills required for becoming the front end web developer:

  1. Expert level proficiency in front-end development languages like HTML, XHTML, and CSS. It is one of the basic requirements for professionals in this domain as no web-page can function and interact without codes.
  2. Equip yourself with responsive design techniques, Git, and Php.
  3. Code organization techniques with JavaScript Frameworks.
  4. Efficiency in Writing tests for applications.
  5. How to work with pre-compilers and CSS frameworks for optimizing the workflow.
  6. Know and master the development tools like Task Runners, Package management, and Yeoman.
  7. Get hold of current trends and technologies.
  8. Creating a UI prototype and make functional designs.
  9. Ability to optimize the webserver.
  10. Convert static pages to be responsive.
  11. Problem-solving skills
  12. Testing skills

So, if you are aspiring to become a front end web developer, then you must follow the aforementioned things to seal your place in this domain. Try to know more about front end web development courses from diverse platforms to start your journey now.

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