How to Apply Feng Shui to Your Workspace

A messy workspace can sometimes be a sign of creativity and productivity but for many people this can be a big distraction. Although some people can be extremely productive in such a cluttered work environment, this isn’t for everyone and there are ways to stay on top of this to ensure a tidy, organised workspace is kept.

Did you know that you can apply feng shui principles to your workspace to enhance your productivity and motivation? Consider things such as the room layout, the colours within the room and how it’s organised and this can lead to a more peaceful environment allowing you to stay motivated and focused.

So how can you apply feng shui to your workspace in order to be more productive and organised?

Room layout

For a harmonious workplace, try to incorporate a balance of the main natural elements; fire, earth, metal, water and wood. For example, you could have plants to represent the wood element, or your computer can represent the metal element. Consider storage options like filing cabinets or a workbench with drawers which will allow you to make full use of the space within the room. Furniture with curved edges help keep stress at a minimum level.

Colour & art

Colour within the workplace can have a big impact on your psychological and physical wellbeing which can affect your productivity and focus. Subtle colours like pale yellows and pale greens are better and have a calming effect, whereas bright, vibrant colours can often be distracting. You could also add pieces of art to your workspace to help inspire and create. Motivational quotes can spur you on and give you that extra push to succeed.

Position your desk

You might not have given much thought as to where your desk and chair is positioned, but if it’s not placed where you can see the door you may want to consider rearranging this. A seat where you can see the door is known as the ‘commanding position’ which keeps your energy strong and protected. It also symbolises the ability to see opportunity. If you share office space, then try to avoid sitting back to back or face to face. Instead, place a plant or office divider to create a barrier.

These are just some simple ways you can apply feng shui to your workspace to enhance your focus, productivity and creativity while keeping the environment clutter-free and organised.

Umar Bajwa
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