How to Get the Cheapest Mortgage Loan (Lån)

Mortgage rates vary greatly, and they’re dependent on several factors like your preferred lender, your credit score, the type of loan you want, and the size of your down payment. Since you want an affordable rate, it is very important to choose the right mortgage lender.

Finding a mortgage for a house can be very exciting. But with so many options to choose from, it is difficult to know which one would suit your needs best and save you money. With proper research however, you can make the right choice.

There are several factors that can affect your choice of an affordable mortgage lån lender. This article will discuss how you can choose a loan provider and some of the things that can help you qualify for a cheap mortgage.

How to Get a Cheap Mortgage Provider

The following are some key things to consider when doing this:

Research the lenders thoroughly

This is very important. You need to use online resources available to you for this research. Check for customer reviews and ask to speak with previous clients. These reviews would help you learn about the company’s reputation and quality of service. Also, determine whether the company is well-funded or has a larger bank as its parent institution. If it does, check the reputation of its parent institution.

Don’t Limit Your Research

Although online mortgage providers primarily offer more competitive rates than others, you can still find better deals elsewhere. Local banks and big lenders can also offer affordable loans.

Use a Quote to Negotiate

It is wise to get a quote from a mortgage bank and use it to negotiate a better rate with other providers. Some providers might offer certain incentives to you if you could find a better deal from a different bank.

Look for Special Programs

If you want a cheap mortgage rate, you can always benefit from the lender’s special program. This program will help lower your down payment amount and give you an affordable interest rate than what you could have gotten with a traditional mortgage. For some of these special programs, check here.

Things to do for a Cheap Mortgage Rate

Choosing a lender that offers such a rate is not the only thing that can help. There are certain things you can do to qualify for this. Here are some of them:

Check Your Credit Report and Score Regularly

One of the first things to make sure you do is to keep tabs on your credit report and score. This report contains your debt status and repayment history. Most credit bureaus offer this document to you. Read through the fine print to see what could be dragging down your score. If you notice it, ensure that you start paying off your debts and bills on time to increase the score.

Save for Bigger Down Payment

The higher the down payment you offer, the lower the rate a lender would offer to you. If you offer a small down payment, the mortgage provider would take you as a risky borrower. The company would not take you seriously and might offer higher rates to you. So make sure that you start saving for this payment before looking for a provider.

Pay for Discount Points

You can decide whether to buy discount points to reduce the mortgage rate or not. A discount point is a fee that you would pay at a property closing to reduce the interest rate. Paying this amount is beneficial if you plan on keeping the property for a long time. If you would sell or refinance in a few years, buying discount points are not worth it.

One discount point is equal to 1 percent of the loan amount, so if you borrow $2000, 0.8 points would be $16. How can you lower the mortgage by paying discount points? Well, this depends on the market situation, but a reduction of 0.25 percent per discount point is a good benchmark.

Go for a Short-term Loan

If you go for a shorter-term loan, you can get expect the rate to be lower than a long-term one. This is lower because it poses less risk to the lender. So rather than choose a 30-year loan, go for a 15-year one.

You could also go for an adjustable mortgage rate. At its introductory period, it is relatively very low. So why not take the risk? To understand what the ARM is, check here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/

Increase Your Earnings

If you were a lender, who would you offer a loan to? Is it someone that earns $3000 a month and spends$1500 on debt payment or someone that earns $3,500 and spends $1500 on debt payment? Your answer is surely the latter. The higher a person earns, the lower the risk of repayment. So if your current finances are poor, you might find it hard to get a lower rate mortgage.

Reduce Your Debts

Aside from increasing your earnings, you need to decrease your debts. Cutting down on your expenses is one way to reduce your debt. Curate a budget and follow it. Write out your needs, miscellaneous spending, and debt repayment fees. Make sure that you follow your budget as you reduce this. Doing so will help you get a cheaper house loan.

Monitor the House Loan Rate

Mortgage interest tends to fluctuate due to seasons or other factors. If you want a cheap house loan, wait until the rate drops to the lowest and when it does, take advantage of it and get the loan.

Don’t Take Another Bigger Credit

After you have reduced your debts and improved your credit score, you would become eligible to receive a lower interest house loan. That is not the time for you to apply for a bigger loan, maybe a student or commercial credit. Make sure that you maintain a perfectly good credit score and don’t take extra debt to jeopardize yourself of a cheap house loan.


Conclusively, if you want to get the cheapest mortgage, you need to choose a reputable lender. You also need to work on your credit report, reduce your debt, and avoid taking extra credit.

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