How to Increase Your Home Value With Simple Home improvement Tricks

Home improvement projects, when done the right way, can increase the value of a house significantly. Depending on the projects and ideas, pursued, one can ramp up the value of a house, even in a downward market.

Having a plan in mind is a sure way of getting things right at low costs, considering that home improvement is not a sprint but a marathon. Below are some of the best tips for anyone looking to increase the value of their home by carrying out upgrades and updates.

According to Chance Realty, renovating your home can have a significant impact on your home value, but you have to be careful. Not all renovations have a good ROI. Here are some things buyers will focus on the most.

Focus on the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and one of the most looked upon part when it comes to house hunting. By simply remodeling the kitchen to fit market standards, one can rest assured of being able to recoup their investment upon selling the house.

The remodeling, in this case, can focus on fresh paint made up of modern paints as a way of updating the kitchen look. When it comes to appliances, it might be wise to replace all old appliances with energy-efficient models. Likewise, the kitchen should be arranged in such a way that it appears spacious and organized for easy movement.

Beautify Bathrooms

While planning to ramp up the value of your house, you want to keep the bathroom as functional and exquisite as possible. A bathroom is no longer a place where people go in and get out after a few minutes. Instead, you should make it as comfortable as possible able to make people feel relaxed while in it.

That said, now would be the best time to remove all drop sinks and replace them with ada undermount bathroom sink. When it comes to countertops, granite and marble should come in handy. Instead of overhead lighting, you can go with wall mounts as a way of adding warmth and taking appearance to another level. Heated floors can also come in handy as well as shower with body sprays.

If your house has one bathroom, adding another bathroom could go a long way in ramping up the home’s value. Underutilized spaces such as closets as well as space under the stairs could act as useful bathroom space.

Add Energy Efficient Windows

Efficiency in everything is the new thing. Likewise, any house that comes with energy-efficient windows is always sure to fetch more. Drafty single-pane windows are a thing of the past and major turnoff to modern house buyers.

People are increasingly looking for homes with energy-efficient windows as well as roofs as they help in saving on heating and cooling costs. Likewise, by installing energy-efficient windows and roofs, you can receive a green energy tax credit of up to 10%.

Energy-efficient insulation can also come into play as a way of increasing the value of a home. By installing energy, efficient doors that don’t let in plenty of cold or hot air, you will not only save on energy costs but also make the house more appealing to buyers.

Basic Updates

It might come as a surprise that basic updates add the most value to a home and cost the least amount of money. Such updates include keeping the paint fresh and neat. Likewise, any leaking roof should be addressed with any rotten wood replaced immediately.

All electrical cables should be arranged neatly and beyond the reach of the naked eye. Likewise, all leakages on water pipes should also be taken’ care of. Replace any worn out or dirty rugs and carpets to give the entire house a new touch.

Such upgrades and updates are sure to keep any home in tiptop shape sure to elicit the desired value in the market. If you are updating your home and working on a complex wood project, chances are you’ll need a router table. To learn more, check out these router table reviews.


If your house is in open space, ensuring the surrounding landscape appears neat and well organized is necessary. If you are planning to sell your house in the future, now would be the best time to plant some flowers and trees.

Mature landscaping makes a place desirable and worth living around, given the fresh air and reduced costs of cooling it always come with. Colorful plants and shrubs will also help in making a house more appealing. Even as the interior of your house shines, the outside should also speak volumes as it provides the first impression.

A Little Work Goes a Long Way

Putting in a little work around your home can help you sell it for more and normally a lot faster. Most people like moving into a house they have to do less in. So if you’re looking to go on the market, look to make these small changes first.

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