How to Succeed at Income Tax Resolution

Tax resolution businesses face the tough challenge of collecting considerable amounts of information in a brief period. The IRS (internal revenue service) mandates constancy to strict deadlines. Moreover, your company has to work efficiently along with satisfying the IRS for your customers.

Though, as a business owner, you must know you need to attain new client’s constantly to thrive and grow. It is the main reason why promotion and marketing are very important parts of running a business. Therefore, we’ve written down five tips to help you gain new customers and give people the best tax resolution services.

Know Your Target Market

It is a truth that most people will pay for products and services to get out of a painful circumstance. Handling an IRS situation is stressful, painful, and one of the terrifying experiences for some people. 

Plus, owing the IRS can be crippling, both financially and emotionally. 

When you put down your marketing materials, you have to speak about your target market’s pain. Your message needs to speak personally to that individual who has received a certified note from the IRS. Also, it could be the one who has just received their paycheck garnished or their bank account levied. Therefore, in this way, they will contact you as soon as they watch, read, or listen to your marketing materials.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a significant tool to market your business and attract new customers. Why? Almost everyone trusts suggestions from family and friends more than advertisements. Furthermore, the basis of making decisions for many people is word of mouth.

Be in touch with everyone in your everyday life, from your families to your mail carrier. Undoubtedly, it is the best way to advertise your work. Have your elevator tone down, and make sure you mention at least one particular advantage. Tell them about those benefits you can provide to your clients.

Also, one more way to invite clients to talk about your business is to give a referral discount. Because it’s a win-win for both groups, you’ll get in new customers, and your existing clients will get the benefits of your discounted services.

Incorporate a CRM Payment Processing System

In the era of business, time is money! If you run a tax servicing or tax resolution firm. You need to understand how difficult it is to collect all of the details required to do your work. 

Moreover, what makes this important step more significant is that customers usually only approach you at the eleventh hour. They are under intense stress and pressure from the IRS and want your help in the quickest way possible. Thus, incorporating a worthwhile CRM system is essential to helping your company thrive. 

Develop an Online Presence 

Everyone is aware of the importance of social media. It plays a significant role in the marketing efforts of a small company. Tax accounting companies are no different, particularly when you give out a new service like income tax resolution, which is in high demand. 

Therefore, you need to develop an impactful and dynamic online presence with an up-to-date website. Make your website full of useful information that demonstrates valuable content. Keep in mind that do not spend your time marketing your company only. Instead, give quality information that helps clients. 

Get Testimonials Without Asking

Ask all of your income tax resolution clients to fill out a customer questionnaire. Here are some key questions you must include: 

  • When did they become your client? 
  • What do they feel about your company? 
  • Narrate a specific experience from our company that made them very pleased. 
  • Is there any problem or office procedure that we can make better? 
  • What help from our company you valued the most? 

Also, the timing of giving them the survey is important. You can send it when them

  • Tax got released.
  • When their bank garnishment got raised.
  • And when their case was resolved. 

Send the survey to every single customer. Before you realize it, you will have compiled a magazine of testimonials.


At last, if you see, there are many thousands of unsolved collection cases with the Internal Revenue Service. Even if just 10% of these cases need the assistance of a tax resolution professional. The outcome is a billion-dollar business that proceeds to be underserved. In other words, nowadays, there is way more need for tax resolution service than there are experts to provide it. 

Therefore, if you have started the business of tax resolution services, you will need to be sure that your potential customers know about you and your company. Also, tell them how you can help them with the IRS. By following the above tips, you can get more customers. Also, you can build up your practice for the work year-round.


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