How to Write a Funeral Service Program

Losing a loved one can be jarring. The void their loss creates can never be fixed, but the person lives through us. Their memories, ideals, etc. remind us of them even when they are not with us. Thus, we must give their departed soul a farewell they rightfully deserve. For that very reason, their funeral service needs to be top-notch. Something that honors their memory, and respects the beautiful life they have lived over the years.

Writing a fantastic funeral service can seem to a bit complicated, mostly because you have to keep your emotions in check. Managing an event while mourning the loss of a loved one can be a whirlwind of emotions. Thus, following a funeral service program template can help you. In this article, we are going to discuss the INS and out of how to write a funeral service program to help you out.

What is a Funeral Service Program?

A funeral service program is a printed document provided to all the guests of the funeral. It’s generally a multi-page document highlighting the life of a person, the significant events of their life, the dates of their birth and time, details about the funeral program, etc. Other features are added based on the persons’ preference. A funeral service program generally contains three parts: a front-page, the main body, and a closing page. The pieces are usually designed according to one’s personal preference.

Writing a Funeral Service Program:

A funeral service celebrates a person’s life like no other. Thus, a bit of effort can have an impact on the overall funeral. Although you can write it in any way you want, a funeral service program generally consists of three main parts. These include:

Front Page:

The front page of the funeral gives a highlight of the entire event. It contains a text similar to “In loving memory of”, “Celebrating the life of”, “in honour of” etc. The book is followed by a picture of the person, and the dates of the event.

Although it seems simple, a whole front page gives a very positive vibe about the entire event as a whole. Since the funeral is an event about remembering the best of a person, it’s better to give a smiling picture of the person or a picture of a very memorable occasion of their life. Because, now that we’ve lost them, they’ll live in our memories only. And it’s better to remember them at their very best.

Also, the word we choose should represent the individuals’ personality to some extent. This adds a bit of personal touch to the entire event, which allows the guests to relate to the person as well.

Main Body:

The main body is where all the information is presented—information about the persons’ life, their achievements, and everything in between. A funeral service program is generally 2-3 pages long. Anything more than that would mean too much information. So, it’s essential to concise the information and put only the best bits.

Even though there are no fixed rules, there are some everyday things that you can put in the main body of the funeral service. These include:

  • Biography of the person: This is something that every funeral service program must feature. These can include a few lines about their life, their family, profession, achievements in living in a structured manner. This shouldn’t be very big with a lot of information, but a celebration of some of the best events of that persons’ life.
  • Collage of memories: There can be a collage of the persons’ life at different times. Pictures of childhood, photos with family and friends, memorable events, etc. These pictures can be arranged chronologically to give the guests a journey of the persons’ life.
  • Quotes and excerpts: Adding some citations of the person can add a personal touch to the service. Also, a few excerpts from his close family members, friends, co-workers can be a great way to remember the person.
  • Eulogy: Most funerals have a eulogy sermon from a loved one. The tribute is a heartfelt ode to the departed soul. It’s a way to pay homage, celebrate life, and mourn an irredeemable loss. Printing the eulogy with the writer’s name is a common practice in funeral services. Also, the guests can easily follow what the praise says if they’re given a printed copy of it.
  • Program itinerary: Printing the program itinerary into the funeral service program is a good idea. Putting the events, speakers list, etc. chronologically in the list helps to keep everyone aware of what’s happening. Also, since the itinerary is already printed, it gives the organizers a bit of urgency to maintain time.

Back Page:

The back page is where everything is appropriately concluded. It’s advised not to cramp the page with too much information. Finish the funeral service program off with a small thank you note, information about the hymns played and the details about the soloist who performed, etc. Also, the deceased person might be involved with any charities or foundation. Then, add their details in the back as well.


When we lose a loved one, all we have are memories. Memories that define what they mean to us. The love we have in our heart motivates us to make sure their final experience is remarkable. Thus, a funeral is planned for days; we put all our heart into it to make sure it’s incredible. The funeral service is one of the most critical parts of a funeral. It is the first thing the guests get, and the only thing they can take home from the event. It’s a small journal of the life of the deceased. So, we must make it right.

In this article, we’ve discussed the basic rules to write a funeral sermon. These can help you write an excellent service for the person you love, and make sure their funeral is a remarkable one.

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