How Two Feet Became Famous On Soundcloud Overnight?

Emergence of Social Media Sensations:

In the modern age of social media platforms where people showcase their talents, it is certain to go viral as it has the freedom of reach towards the audience. Many of the recent music artists have bagged record labels and pursing a successful career because of these platforms. Numerous struggling artist begins their journey via platforms such as SoundCloud or YouTube and once spotted for real talent, they embark on a completely new ride. Some of the prominent examples being Justin Bieber and Troye Sivan. Another music sensation has popped up thanks to SoundCloud who made Bill Dess aka Two Feet an overnight household name.

Bill Dess back in 2015 was just an ordinary cashier and a 22-year dropout from Berklee College of Music. One night, with his recording equipment, set to record his alternative rock song Go Fuck Yourself on SoundCloud at 3 in the morning. The next day he wakes up to more than 4 million streams and labels courting for him. As assumed, Bill was in for a shocker and couldn’t make sense of the pace at which things were happening and thought it to be a system fault. But then the labels approached for which he was apprehensive initially and then signed for Republic Records which has some of the big guns like Ariana Grande and The Weeknd. Since then, Bill has been on a journey of making some magical music and is another feather in the wings of modern day social media sensations.

Use of Digital Marketing Tools for Artists and Labels:

Success doesn’t come within an overnight had again been shattered down with this song and broken records worldwide. But it’s true in most cases as many artists struggle to get spotted, to make money, to be recognised and begin a fruitful career in music. With the advent of digital marketing, many artists along with companies are moving towards paid promotions and plays on SoundCloud and other major platforms.

The paid plays on SoundCloud are used not only by artists but also by the record labels to get more audience to stream their music.

Considering this, many paid promotion solution companies have propped over the last few years. One such being, BuySocialMediaMarketing which supplies various services such as streams, views, fans, likes, and followers to say the best.

On SoundCloud, it has gained a lot of fame for offering streams at very low and competitive prices. Additionally, it guarantees confidentiality and just requires the URL for its resource team to market it around.

BuySocialMediaMarketing offers 10,000 SoundCloud plays at just under $20 and delivers the service within a maximum period of 24 hours and its affects can be spotted immediately.

One can opt for multiple packages of 10,000 SoundCloud plays with each being ordered after the delivery of the previous one.

Sites like BuySocialMediaMarketing can offer users streams up to more than a million times without revealing that the user has paid for the service and is completely legal to do so under SoundCloud rights as it’s a fair digital marketing tool. While doing this may get an individual overnight fame but it’s the talent that will last longer in this industry.

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