Important Facts Related to Legionella Testing

Legionella testing kits are fast becoming an indispensable aid for adhering to Health & Safety Executive stipulates. Though property owners, managers, and employers are under no legal obligation for undertaking the test for Legionella bacteria, it is found appropriate for keeping premises and water systems free from this hazardous element.

Situations where Legionnaires testing kits from Aquacert tend to be useful;

Whether you are an employer, the person in charge of maintaining commercial or residential premises, or a property owner, it becomes your responsibility to keep the area healthy and safe for others. Given this, Legionnaires testing kits from Aquacert may come in handy in the following situations:

  • Areas with people having increased susceptibility such as old-age homes, nursing homes, hospitals, creches, care homes, etc.
  • Water systems wherein it is difficult to attain and maintain the correct temperature levels constantly.
  • In places where the hot water temperature is known to go below 60°C, be it for a small-time duration, legionella testing is expected to be undertaken by the HSE.

The ease of using testing kits for Legionella

It is quite an easy affair to use a Legionella testing kit. Most manufacturers are known to provide instructions in the test kit package provided by them. In certain cases, there are small bottles provided in the kit which has to be filled with water from the showers or taps before being sent for testing. The water samples thus collected are tested for Legionella in professional laboratories. Once the testing process is completed, the test results and the Legionella certificates are sent back to the kit-users. As the samples are cultured in the laboratory for a minimum period of 10 days before the testing is done, it may take up to two weeks to get the results in hand. In case, a high level of bacteria is detected, further information is provided to prevent more exposure or contamination.

Is regular testing compulsory?

Even if your water system tests negative for the presence of the Legionella bacteria currently, you cannot tell when it will start growing naturally in the property managed, maintained or owned by you later on. Given this, you may want to invest in multiple legionnaires testing kits from Aquacert as regular and consistent testing is a must.

Way forward

Be prepared in advance by investing in Legionnaires testing kits from Aquacert. You may want to research more about the benefits of using a Legionella test kit before purchasing your stock. Take up the responsibility of conducting risk assessments (if needed) before going for water testing. As far as regularity of testing is concerned, you may need to perform the Legionnaires testing each quarter – especially if you are using enclosed cold and hot water systems.

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