Inexpensive and Unique Souvenirs to Collect While Traveling Abroad

Are you traveling and want to pick up a new and interesting hobby? Here are some inexpensive and unique souvenirs to collect while traveling abroad.

When it comes to traveling 62% of families will skimp on souvenirs or shopping when going on a trip or vacation when traveling. If your family travels a lot, then you should make it your mission to pick a unique souvenir to collect throughout your travels.

There are tons of different types of inexpensive and unique souvenirs that your whole family can work together to collect while you travel abroad.

It is a great way to gather special items so that you can remember all of the great places that you traveled together as a family.

Keep reading for our guide to some of the best inexpensive and unique souvenirs to collect while traveling abroad.


Postcards used to be a huge hit back in the day when people used to actually send them while on vacation. Unfortunately, now they might be a bit more difficult to find which is why they will be a fun souvenir to collect.

You and your family can go on a hunt through the cities you travel through looking for postcards to buy! They’re normally very cheap and shouldn’t cost you very much once you do find them.

Postcards are fun to buy and you can make them into an entire scrapbook once you’ve collected enough from cities all over the world. Traveling abroad is fun but having postcards from everywhere that you travel from can be made into a cute little memory book to look back on.

Shot Glasses

If you’re looking for something easy to find while you’re traveling abroad, then shot glasses are the perfect souvenir that your family can collect. Just think about it! You can walk into pretty much any souvenir shop and find a shot glass for a relatively cheap price.

The best thing about collecting shot glasses as a souvenir is that you don’t even need to use them for drinking. You can just collect the shot glasses to remind you of your trips abroad.

On the other hand, many people have used their shot glass collection for plants! They’ve filled shot glasses with succulents, herbs, and even open-air plants which is a great idea to utilize these awesome souvenirs.

Rare Foreign Coins

While looking through shops for unique souvenirs is fun for a lot of people you could also look through the coins that you receiving during your vacation for rare foreign coins. Collecting unique and rare money is something that a lot of families do especially when they travel to countries that are not their own.

Having a collection of money is something that you could always look back on and a great way to remember all of the places you have been too.

Many places will have a pressed penny machine which usually requires one penny and an additional dollar. This machine will press your penny into a unique design that usually signifies where you’re at.

You can also buy some unique fake money in shops that serve as memorabilia to the cities and towns you’ve traveled too. And these custom coins are also great to get if you missed out on a specific place or vacation and really want something to remember it by.


When it comes to souvenirs one of the most classic and easiest things that your whole family will enjoy collecting is pins. This is another item that most gift shops will have an abundance of so your family will enjoy spending some time looking through racks finding the perfect pins to take home with you.

The best part is that you can create a board at home to showcase your pins from all of your vacations and travels. Try to find the most unique and bizarre pins as well as some of your favorite pins.

Getting a good mixture of pins during your travels will make for a very interesting board when you bring them all back at home and showcase the pins altogether.

The great thing about pins is that they give you tons of information right on them! They will have the exact place you traveled and sometimes even the year you went which makes them the perfect memorabilia item for you and your family.

Shells or Rocks

If you’re traveling to a beach or somewhere with lots of nature, then take a free souvenir such as shells or rocks. There are plenty of beautiful shells that will wash up on shore so spend an afternoon with your family members looking for only the most beautiful ones.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a hike or exploring you may want to spend some time looking for some interesting or unique rocks to take back with you. These are awesome souvenirs because they can remind you of the great trip that you had but they’re also free!

Remember that some state parks or nature facilities only want you to take pictures so only take one of these free souvenirs if you are allowed.

Handmade Jewelry

Expanding your jewelry collection is something that should totally be done while you travel and letting your whole family help is great too! The best thing about handmade jewelry is that there is something for everyone and every single piece is unique.

Whether you want to wear handmade jewelry, want to display it, or just keep it for memories it is a great souvenir that your whole family can be on the hunt for.

You will constantly get compliments on the jewelry that you wear or have in your house and be reminded of the wonderful trip you had abroad.

Plus when you buy handmade jewelry on vacation you’re helping to support local artists which is great for the culture and community that you’re visiting.

Inexpensive and Unique Souvenirs You Can Collect

When it comes to choosing the best inexpensive and unique souvenirs for your family to collect there are many different options. Pick something that your whole family will enjoy looking for and collecting during your trips abroad!

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