Jeep Lift Kit Buying Guide

How do you trick out your Jeep? Maybe you choose a Jeep Wrangler wheel tire combo or add auxiliary lighting for better visibility. You probably know that installing a lift kit is one of the most common off-road mods. That’s especially true for Jeeps. After all, the Jeep name is almost synonymous with off-roading. But not all off-roaders have the same needs. So what do you need to know about Jeep Wrangler lift kits? This quick guide can provide some useful pointers when shopping for your first kit.

Reasons for Buying a Lift Kit

To take your Jeep off the road, you’ve got to equip it right. That means you’ll likely need additional ground clearance. Why? Chances are, you may want larger tires on your Jeep. And let’s not forget about the other advantages. With greater clearance, you can better handle tough terrain: rivers, rocks, hills, sand dunes, and the like. Suspension lifts can also help even the load on your vehicle and smooth out your ride. Finally, a lift can give you better visibility because you see more of your terrain.

But let’s be honest: We also like suspension lifts for their looks. And that’s perfectly fine. But whatever lift you choose should balance looks and performance to serve your needs.

Types of Lift Kits

You’ll probably come across three kinds of lift kits while shopping: body lifts, budget boost systems, and suspension lifts. Body lifts are pretty straightforward – they raise the vehicle’s body and leave more room in the wheel wells. Budget boosts give you a small lift but don’t make major changes to your vehicle’s suspension. Finally, suspension lifts modify the vehicle’s suspension itself to increase wheel travel and add more ground clearance. So which one of these is right for your vehicle? Ultimately, you’ll need to consider a few key factors:

Body lifts work best if you only want a 1- to 2-inch lift and your primary goal is cosmetic. That’s because a body lift can give your vehicle an aggressive look by using polyurethane or rubber spacers to add room in the wheel wells. However, they do not provide additional ground clearance. Budget boosts add between ¾ and 2 ½ inches – enough to accommodate larger tires and perform well for moderate off-roading. Suspension lifts give you more ground clearance and retool other components. You may end up with sway bar links, longer brake lines, a transfer case lowering kit, or other mods to accommodate the lift. Your suspension’s behavior may also change, depending on the type of kit you install.

Shopping for Your Mods

Now that you have a better sense of Jeep lift kits, it’s time to check out your options. No matter type you eventually buy, it’s wise to shop at a reputable dealer specializing in off-roading parts and accessories. Your retailer of choice should offer good quality items at competitive prices plus helpful and knowledgeable customer service. And whether you just buy a lift kit or get other essentials like a Jeep Wrangler soft top replacement, don’t forget to check out shipping options and return policies before you buy.

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