Know How to Run the Best Google AdWords Campaign

Among all tools at disposal, paid search remains the most effective way to drive relevant traffic to a website. It is no surprise that e-commerce giants, as well as brick-and-mortar establishments, use same advertisement methodology—AdWords Campaign—to increase sales and reach new customers/clients.

Since the same set of “search terms” or keywords are put to use for running Google AdWords Campaign, be it an account of a multinational enterprise or a small shop owner, the campaign that optimizes and reinvents itself over time succeed to induce conversion and reach customers.

So, what it takes to run the best Google AdWords campaign? The answer to this question is not that easy, as it seems. Running a successful campaign involves a multitude of factors, and its pursuit starts with:


Set The Goal of Campaign

The goal of an account must be a key performance indicator—such as cost-per-acquisition, conversions, the rank of Ads, actual sale, sign ups—that is quantifiable and can be deduced by the data accumulated by running a campaign for at least a month. The conclusions derived after tracking help managers to optimize the account for better results.


Keyword Research

It is not an overstatement to say that keyword research is the biggest factor determining the success of an account. At this step, one needs to determine what the target customers are searching on the internet. Google offers tool a tool for keyword research, which tells keywords people are using on the search engines, along with a raft of information required to shortlist keywords, such as how often such keywords or phrases are searched, competition among keywords in AdWords, and the cost to use each keyword. The quality of the research comprehensively affects the performance of a campaign, and therefore, investing time in keyword research is recommended.

Tip: many times amateurs duplicate keywords, which can consume significant budget, and thus, pay attention during shortlisting keywords.


Choose Campaign Type and Geographic Area

AdWords campaign can be of three type, displaying advertisement on Search Network—which includes Google search engine and partner sites—and Display Network—which includes millions of websites across the Internet where ads are shown in the form of banners—and YouTube. Focusing on the search network at first is a good strategy, as it will help you to build up data, which provides inputs for expanding the campaign to other networks. At this step, one has to designate the geographic area of the campaign; not specifying the area is a common rookie mistake, which drains a lot of money, without bringing any conversion.


Tracking the Conversions

Tracking and monitoring the conversion is the second most important factor after keyword research to run a successful PPC campaign, as it determines the performance of a campaign. By employing Google Analytics one can track conversion easily. By monitoring the campaign, one can identify poor performing keywords and based on the data can exclude sup-par performing keywords from the list over time. At this stage, taking the help of professionals is usually recommended, contact white label AdWords agency that can help you identify deficiencies and apply a mitigating plan.


Optimizing Keywords Lists

Calculating the maximum cost-per-click (Max CPC) helps to gauge if you can afford a keyword or a keyword would be profitable. Determining the maximum CPC involves three factors: the profit per customer, website conversion rate, and target advertising profit margin. These numbers are derived from the tracking data. The formula to calculate Max CPC is (profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate). Once you know the CPC for a keyword, you should compare it with the estimated keyword CPC, which can be accessed from the Keyword Tool.

The secret to run a profitable campaign is a continuous optimization, which is solely based on the metrics and data collected, and that is what many campaigns fail to leverage. In such cases, white label Google AdWords agency can be of great help that brings the expertise with them and avenues to achieve growth.

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