Top 7 Credit Card Safety Tip for Shopping Online

With the advancement in the field of technology and with the modernization of the business, it seems that people have stopped using cash completely. Today, using your credit card, you can pay for almost everything under the sun, from your groceries to gadgets and from meals to restaurants.

Since, you no longer carry cash with you, robbing you has lost its point, but instead, you carry credit cards, a new form of crime, credit card fraud, has emerged. I have rounded up top 7 credit card safety tips that will help you avoid any credit card fraud while you shop online for your favorite products.


Avoid Saving Your Credit Card Number

Saving your credit card number on your favorite shopping site can easily expose you to a number of potential threats. Let us assume you have saved your credit card number on a particular shopping site, this will make your card number available to that particular website and also to the hacker who is planning to commit a fraud.

You may think to enter the same details repeatedly as bothersome, especially when it comes to your favorite online shopping site and when the device is only used by you. Think again. The effort is worth it as by saving your card details, you are simply making things easier for the hackers to commit a fraud.


Keep A Check On The URL’s

While you are entering your personal details, make sure you have checked the address bar, it should start with https:// instead of simply http://. Now, if you are not from an IT background, the extra ‘s’ means that the site is using an encryption system to scramble all the information (passwords, credit or debit card numbers) you enter. The extra ‘s’ doesn’t essentially offer 100% protection, but it is a fast and convenient check that does provide you an extra layer of confidence.


Use A Virtual Credit Card Number

There is also a provision of using a virtual (temporary) or one-time card number. You are provided an alternate number by your credit card company whenever you checkout online. You don’t need to worry as the number is linked to your account and every purchase will reflect on your card bill as well. Since the number is only for a limited time period or with only one individual, even if a scammer finds it at a later stage, he will not be able to use it. This is certainly another key tool for you to keep your card details safe while shopping online.


Don’t Use Public Computers

I don’t need to mention that the public computers and networks are not secure and there is a greater chance of getting your credit card details stolen. The chances are high that these computers might have keyloggers installed on it that will capture all your credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

Don’t think you are safe just because you are using your own computer or laptop on a public Wi-Fi. Remember, the hackers also have the access to the same Wi-Fi signal to intercept the information while it is being transmitted. Try and avoid using public Wi-Fi to shop online next time you are sipping your favorite coffee at your nearest coffee shop.


Instead Of A Debit Card Use A Credit Card

Don’t be surprised, you read that right. Try and use credit cards instead of debit cards as they are more secure against any type of fraud and you also enjoy more recourse as compared to the debit cards. Go for the credit card with low-credit-limit, especially when it comes to making online shopping.


Know About The Information Required By The Website

Whenever you shop online, there are mainly four things asked by the website – your credit card number, expiration date, your shipping address, and security code (3-4 digits). If you receive an email asking you to give your credit card number, treat the mail as a scam. Don’t even think of giving your card number through an email.


Review Your Account Regularly

This is an important step to ensure the safety of your credit card and you just have to spend 10-15 minutes. You have the option of checking it online, on your smartphone, or you can pay a personal visit to the bank as well. This way, even if some fraud has taken place, you will get to know in time and will be able to take necessary action.

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