Learn the Tactics of Martial Arts for Self Defense

A martial art class not only helps in getting a perfect shape but keeps you safe and secure. The martial arts have become a popular form of exercise since it improves both the mental and physical strength.

A few of the martial arts programs that can help you in building the strength as well as learning the art of self-defense are mentioned below:

  • Boxing

Learning the skills of boxing is good for self-defense and also helps to build the mental toughness. The boxing routines go beyond the punching bags and can be versatile with different strategies, footwork, drills, and jump ropes. Also, the wearing of heavy gloves helps you with conditioning while hitting the speed bags. Jumping ropes helps to work with the whole body. One can attain a high count of calorie burn through boxing.

  • Kickboxing

The blend of kicking and punching makes it an effective cardio workout that helps in burning fat and calories. Plus, it becomes an effective self-defense technique when the need arises. The kickboxing gives an intense cardio workout that can burn up to 1000 calories in a one-hour session. The combination uses upper body punches, throwing kicks and knees help to strength the body muscles. It is helpful in lower back abs and the core of the body as well.

  • Mixed Martial Arts

This form of martial arts offers a full-contact sport which has seen a rapid growth in the recent past.  The use of Korean swords made this type of arts highly invigorating. It incorporates a variety of martial arts such as wrestling, judo, Muay Thai and much more. With a specific and proper training, the mixed martial arts become a productive workout which is highly safe and secure. An exercise session includes a bunch of activities. It brings out the useful methods to strengthen the whole body which includes thick ropes, swords, sleds for arm-building. Such kind of high-intensity workout helps in burning about 1500 calories per one-hour session.

  • Jiu Jitsu

It is another interesting form of martial arts which involves grappling and throwing. It gives you variety of physical benefits likes of stretching, resistance, and cardio workouts. It builds up strength in the muscles while polishing the ability to throw and pin down the opponents. A regular working includes squats, pushups, lifting and carrying the opponents. It leads to burn nearly 1100 calories per one-hour session. Also, while training with another student, it is always possible to learn better defend techniques and gain motivation from one another.

In other words, from beginner to advanced level classes are available for the interested candidates. The martial arts studios are committed to excellence by providing the students and competitors with the best coaches around the world.

You can join either the group classes or private sessions as per your choice and need. If you’re looking for a great workout, high energy classes provide you with the perfect solutions. Also, it offers a complete stress relief therapy to the martial artists.


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