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Louisville is a vibrant and highly diverse city in the state of Kentucky in Jefferson County and has a population of 615,478. Living in Louisville provides its residents a dense suburban yet comfy feel, and most of the residents of the city possess their own homes. Many young families and professionals live in Louisville, and the people residing there keep moderate views when it comes to politics.

Louisville is ranked as the third most affordable city to live in by Trulia.com and is the home city of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Maker’s Mark and Louisville Slugger. The people of Louisville are known to be independent, friendly and always welcoming to all.

At first, one may not easily guess what to expect in this highly diverse yet beautiful city. However, moving to Louisville would prove to be a cherished decision for your life. If ‘luxury 1 bedroom apartments near me’ is what you’re googling, you should know some common things every citizen must be aware of before settling in:

  1. Louisville has amazing food to offer

Louisville has some great food to offer and has several amazing restaurants offering delectable cuisine from Kentucky style traditional food to French, Italian and European cuisine. In fact, possessing more than 2500 restaurants, Louisville is also known as the home of fine dining offering a lot of choice and variety to local and international foodies.

  1. Parks are in aplenty in Louisville

The Louisville Park System was originally created by a man known as Frederick Law Olmsted, who did it in the 1890s. He was the same person responsible for creating the Central Park of New York. It was only due to his love for nature and contribution that Louisville now has more than 120 parks, which include the Cherokee Park, Iroquois Park, and The Parklands of Floyds Fork Park.

  1. Abundant availability of local live entertainment

Anyone planning to relocate to the city of Louisville should know that there are plenty of Local live music clubs that play wonderful live music. There are also a plethora of live entertainment places that offer much to its residents almost every day and every night.

  1. Louisville invented the Bourbon

Louisville is also the inventor of Bourbon, In 1964, Congress had declared Bourbon as America’s only innate spirit.

  1. Louisville’s Weather Is Extreme At Times

I’ve recently found luxury 1 bedroom apartments near me. If you too have recently shifted to Louisville or are planning to do so in the near future, it is worth knowing that Louisville has four distinct weather seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.

The temperatures range from around 88 deg to 90 and even above 100. During the winter months, the temperatures stay around 37 deg. But they sometimes fall below zero degrees. Therefore, it is advisable for you to carry the right type of clothes as the weather is mostly hot and humid, especially in the summer months.

  1. Louisville is known for allergies

Louisville is home to many kinds of allergies, and people here are commonly seen suffering from itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny noses, especially during the Fall and Spring months. Thus, one must be aware of the precautions and things to consider before making a move to Louisville.

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