Why Threaded Bars Are the Most Trusted Ground Anchorages

For more than 50 decades, the use of the fully-threaded, multi-strand, and high-strength threaded bar anchor systems has been a pretty standard feature, and these systems are not about to go out of fashion any time soon, thanks to the sturdy design of the ground anchorages. The threaded bars that can be found here – https://www.nucorskyline.com/globalnav/products/geostructural-solutions/threaded-bars are designed for corrosion resistance/ protection, which is why they’ve developed into the top-rated and the most reliable ground anchorages in the industry.

But the sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and high-strength construction are not the only reason for the popularity of the threaded bars as ground anchorage systems. The other reasons include:

The availability of a huge variety

The threaded bars are available in different sizes and grades. The grades of the threaded bars include the 75ksi and the 150ksi threaded bar grades. The sizes are variable, and they range from #8 to #28, and these are cold-rolled and sizes #6 to #14 for the hot-rolled threaded bars in the Grade 75 category. The threaded bars in the 75ksi high-strength class are mostly the cold-rolled and also the high-strength variety. Regarding the Grade 150ksi, the sizing of these bars is in diameter, and the sizes range from 1-3 inches. Overall, however, the single bars will be manufactured to reach a maximum length of 60 feet.

Corrosion Protection

The high corrosion resistance that makes the threaded bars ideal ground anchorages is the result of the application of top-notch corrosion features, which include processes like galvanizing, painting, taping, plating, epoxy coating, single corrosion protection, double corrosion protection, and encapsulation with either grout or grease.


The construction design of the threaded bars allows for the bars to be coupled or cut in the field, at any desired point, to meet the needs of the job site. The threaded bars’ flexibility is the reason for the use of the bars as tie rods and even the soil anchors, which could be used along with the sheet piles, along with the retaining walls, among other functions.

The flexibility of the threaded bars is also the reason for the use of the threaded bar cages, which are used along with casings for the creation of high-quality drilled shafts. These threaded bars could also be used in micropiles, where they serve as the main reinforcement components.

Wide Range of Accessories

There are numerous accessories for the threaded bars, form the tap-through and stop-style couplers, the transition couplers, the turnbuckles, and bearing plates, to lifting eyes, PTI-rated corrosion inhibiting compounds, beveled washers, clevises, and hex nuts, among others.

You could have these accessories e easily customized to meet your needs thanks to their design functions, which allow the accessories to complement the threaded bars while facilitating the threading easily. The couplers, for example, have been designed to match different sizes and grades of bars. There also are the full-load nuts and also the jam nuts, which have all been designed in rounded/ collar and hex-style designs, and with their flats machined around the outer diameter. All these pieces of hardware meet and exceed the minimum acceptable tensile strength of the threaded bar, hence optimum function from the bars and their accessories.

So, if you are looking for versatility, durability, efficiency, and ease of use in ground anchorages, the threaded bars could be the perfect answer for you.

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