Monday Motivation: Top Tech That Helps You Get Off The Couch

Mondays have started to feel a bit different since the coronavirus pandemic has had us working from home, but let’s be real – Mondays are still Mondays, and the first day is always the hardest day to get your motivation back to where it should be.

With the recent developments in the tech industry, there is now a whole slew of products that make it easier for you to find the incentive and motivation you need to hop off the couch and get moving, whether it be for the purposes of working harder at your job, exercising, or keeping your home tidy and in working order. Check out the list of items below that we’ve come up with and see if one of them would suit your particular needs!

#1. Smart Watches

Smart watches have been around for a few years now, but the newest models have some interesting and super helpful features that get you moving even on the dreariest of work-from-home days. You can set alarms for yourself that will go off every few hours and remind you to get up and move around or even take a drink of water.

#2. Meditation Apps

The app stores of your favorite smartphone brands are rife with calming meditation apps. Start your Monday off with a soothing practice in meditation by following along with experts who walk you through the entire process so that you can center yourself before starting your workday.

#3. Runaway Alarm Clock

If your Mondays start out rough because waking up early is not your forte, then you need something that forces you to get up and get out of bed. Clocky is an innovative alarm clock that runs away from you on its two wheels after it starts going off. That means if you want the noise to stop, you’ve got to go catch your alarm clock first.

#4. Nintendo Switch

Though you can definitely get into a deep gaming hole on the couch when you pick up your Nintendo Switch, there are games that have been developed that encourage users to get up and get moving. For example, Fitness Boxing is a game you can use through your Switch to learn the proper technique for boxing and practice it right in your own home to get yourself into shape. All you need is a high-speed internet service like GotW3 Internet and you’ll be off and running!

#5. Compression Workout Gear

Some activewear brands have begun producing biometric clothing that can do so much more than your average tank top or pair of leggings. With t-shirts that can monitor your heart rate and socks that can track your running form and give you helpful tips to improve it, you’ll definitely love wearing your smart clothing while you workout.

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