Mumbai- The New York of India

Mumbai has always been known as the “New York of India”, since the city never seems to rest. Visiting Mumbai, it is found that the nightlife in Mumbai lasts till the sun rises, from where the normal daytime activities take over. A city which never sleeps, Mumbai is a must-visit for those who crave adventure and freedom from social conventions.

A Cultural and Financial hub

Mumbai, previously called Bombay is the capital of Maharashtra situated along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The sprawling city is the largest one in India, in terms of area. Mumbai is home to many industries, most notably financial establishments and the Bollywood. Similar to New York, many people have been seen to move to Mumbai in search of their dreams.

For tourists and business travelers alike, traveling within Mumbai can be an arduous task. There are many options available, including buses, local trains, the metro and the omniscient rickshaw-wallahs, but each has its own difficulties. If one truly wants to unplug from the din of traffic, using a self-drive airport taxi service would be a great move.  Services like Zoomcar provide this awesome alternative, wherein you can enjoy and soak in the vibrant city at your own pace without being depending on a conventional cab and its vagaries.

Living it up

Accommodation in Mumbai is traditionally expensive, mainly because of its high real estate costs. There are many luxury options like the Trident and Taj, and both of them provide many services for the welfare of their guests. Middle class hotels are also aplenty, and a short search would come up with multiple results.

A Traveller’s Delight

Tourism is one of the driving industries of the city, as a whole. Mumbai has many famous tourist destinations, like the Haji Ali Dargah, Gateway of India and Girgaum Chowpatty. The Haji Ali Dargah is the shrine of Haji Ali, a Sufi saint. People from all walks of life and religions visit the shrine, since it is believed to bless all those who visit. Also, the backdrop of the shrine, the calmness of Arabian Sea makes for a beautiful sight. The Gateway of India has become the symbol of Mumbai, in a way. It was built in 1924 to commemorate the visit of British Royalty, in a combination of Indian, Mughal and European styles of architecture. Girgaum Chowpatty is a small sandy beach towards the north end of marine drive, conveniently located next to Charni Road Railway Station. The food stalls on the beach, combines with the beautiful sunset make this a must-visit in one of those pristine evenings Mumbai tosses up.

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