No More Flaws: 5 Common Types of Skin Imperfections and How to Treat Them

Our skin is the largest and most exposed organ on our bodies. Because of this, many of the issues that affect the skin can end up affecting a person’s self-esteem as well. The psychological impact of skin conditions has not been deeply researched, but many sufferers admit that their skin issues affect their day-to-day activities and often makes them feel isolated and judged.

Because of this, many people are often searching for the best ways to minimize, treat, and cure their skin issues. Here are 5 of the most common skin issues and ways to cure them:


Acne is an inflammation of blocked sebaceous glands on the face, chest, back, neck, or buttocks. While more common in teenage years, many people suffer from acne later in life and it can be a chronic condition.

Treating acne is based heavily on the type of acne you have and its location. Body acne is often much harder to treat with topical creams and is often the reason people use antibiotics or Accutane to clear their acne.

Minor facial acne responds well to topical treatments like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and sulphur. Careful hygiene and cutting out dairy can also be very helpful.


Cellulite causes lumpy, uneven flesh due to the distribution of fat under the skin. This condition affects women more than men and can often be found on the thighs and backs of the arms. Cellulite is very common and affects 85 to 90% of women.

Cellulite is quite difficult to treat due to its genetic and hormonal factors. Losing weight will help smooth the appearance of cellulite, however, it will not make it go away. One of the most promising ways to treat cellulite is with laser therapy, which breaks up the fat deposits beneath the skin.

Age Spots

Age spots are flat, brown discolorations on the skin that often appear in locations that have had the most exposure to sunlight. Age spots then to be larger and more irregularly shaped that freckles and they most commonly affect the face, neck, tops of feet and hands, shoulders and upper back

Age spots usually have to be removed with professional help. Montana Medical Aesthetics use two procedures called BBL BroadBand Light technology and Micro Laser Peel to break up the melanin deposits and minimize the appearance of brown spots. When seeking treatment, dermatologists will examine your age spots to make they are not growing larger or look cancerous

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are red, purple, or white lines that appear in response to the rapid expansion of skin, due to growth, weight gain, or pregnancy. Stretch marks are damage to the skin’s connective tissue and often appear on the breasts, abdomen, sides and inner thighs and on the buttocks.

When stretch marks are fresh laser therapy and retinoid treatment can help diminish them, however, when stretch marks turn white they are much harder to treat.

Spider Veins

Spider veins are permanently dilated blood vessels that look like thin worms, spider webs, or tree branches just under the surface of the skin. Spider veins can develop due to due to valves within the veins failing to properly direct the flow of blood.

Laser treatments have proved to be quite effective for those with spider veins and, in more stubborn cases, sclerotherapy can also prove successful.

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