PDF Bear: Your Ultimate Guide On How to Convert HTML Files to PDF Files

Before we dive into our central topic, which is converting HTML files to PDF files, I’m going to discuss first the usage and history of HTML. The first version of HTML was launched by Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1990; Tim Berners-Lee had a collaboration with Engineer Robert Cailliau for funding in the same year, but CERN rejected the project.

If you’re not familiar with HTML, it merely stands for Hypertext Markup Language; HTML’S purpose is to create documents that will pop up on the Web. A document’s page linked to other pages is marked as hyperlinks; it manifests through texts, icons, and graphics that link to other files.

The Web page you’ve seen on the Internet is exhibited using HTML’s code, this code makes sure that the texts and images for your Internet browser are rightly composed and arranged. Without the presence of HTML, your browser won’t function; it will not show documents, images, and other elements.

In terms of Web page’s appearances, The Web developers controlled it using CSS or Cascading Style Sheets; in this manner, we can infer that Cascading Style Sheet is the Web page’s skin while Hypertext Markup Language is its bone.

If you truly understand the history and significance of having HTML files, you may now proceed to our main topic, and that is converting HTML files to PDF files. Having an HTML document and sharing it with other people is not easy, but don’t fret because we’re here to help you solve your problem.

Obtaining the Best HTML to PDF File Converter

So, here’s your guide on how to change HTML to PDF files; before anything else, you need to put in mind that securing HTML to PDF converters is crucial. There are thousands of tools on the Internet today, but most of these tools aren’t reliable enough. If you haven’t found the best one, you can consider using the PDF Bear’s online tool; this tool will help you convert an HTML document to PDF document without any hitch.

The Process

If you don’t have an inkling about this converter, we will teach you how to use it; you have nothing to fret about because the steps are comprehensible and easy to follow, unlike other tools out there.

Firstly, you need to search for an HTML file, but if you have one, you can directly copy its URL and paste it into the box situated in the middle part of your screen. After that, hit the convert to PDF button to commence the conversion. One the conversion is done, you are now free to download the document.

What’s The Benefit of Having a PDF Bear’s Online Tool?

I’m not going to recommend this tool if it isn’t working well! Why this tool and not other tools out there? Well, the features hooked me big time! If you’re worried about your privacy, the document you’ve pasted on their website will be deleted instantly as a sign of their tight security.

If you’re still bothered about your safety and privacy, just visit their Privacy Policy and read it carefully to feel at ease while using it. Aside from that, it can be accessed using Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Premium Version Vs. Free Trial

Most of us stick to Free services instead of paying it because we’re worried about big bills on the latter; but if you’re up for unlimited offers, then it’s the right time to gamble, it’s worth risking for after all.

Premium version of PDF Bear allows you to do limitless tasks with maximum documents and the largest file sizes and has a huge amount of OCR tasks with the largest compression of your files. And last but not least, no more ads that annoy us every time we opt for a subscription.

PDF Bear costs a lot of money before; its original price for a one-year subscription will cost you 299.99 USD, but it’s now given to you for as low as 99.99 USD. If you’re not up for a one-year subscription, you can have their monthly service as cheap as 14.99 USD.


With just one click, technology rescues us and feeds us with the best answers. Every time we come across problems such as converting an HTML file to a PDF file, PDF Bear’s online tool makes it easier to accomplish things.


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